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Pillinger, Mount

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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: 4237 Rowallan
Start (Lat/Long): -41.78987 146.15670 (start)
Distance: 9.4 km
Time required: 4-5 hrs
Degree of difficulty: Easy gradients with some rocky terrain. One steep Hill. Easy.
Elevation Gained: 1280m
Track Type: formed and marked track
Vehicle Required: two wheel drive


Directions: Drive to Mole Creek, following roads from there as if going to the Walls of Jearusalem. Turn right off the Mersey Forest Road following signs to the start of the arm river track. Park at the signed starting point (Arm River Track).

Pillinger has very unique views towards the mountains of the central overland track, making it a worthy destination.

Climb over a log at the end of the road next to the parking bay. This then turns into a conviently rocky watercourse, which must be followed for 10m to pick up the start of the Arm river track. The track is then easy to follow but you need to be on the lookout for the Mt. Pillinger Track. After the short, sharp and steep section the track levels off a bit. Once it starts to open up, you will see the track starts to deviate away from the valley you were previously following on its upper reaches.

Around here, look for an overgrown pad with a small log in front as if to hide its existance. This soon turns into a well defined track, easy to follow all the way to the summit. This is reached in about 2hrs.

On the return you can instead turn left at reedy lake. This is obviously marked by a big cairn with a stick, and this alternate track follows marshy plains to meet the ART further up. The advantage of this is the classic view of Mt. Pillinger from Lake Price, well worth the effort. This adds an extra hour of actual walking time as it deviates quite far up the arm river track.
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