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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: Stowport 4044
Start (Lat/Long): -41.1772, 146.028128
Distance: unknown
Time required: 1.5 hrs
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gained: unknown
Track Type: Forestry Tasmania Maintained Track
Vehicle Required: 2WD


View East, from the Gnomon

The Gnomon, or Mount Gnomon is a protrusion in the Dial Range with south-facing cliffs that give it the appearance of a Gnomon (the part of a sundial that casts the shadow).

  • Access: It can be reached in 45 minutes from the Gnomon carpark off Ironcliffe Road in the Dial Range reserve, managed by Forestry Tasmania. Follow Ironcliffe Road from Penguin past the Ferndene Reserve picnic area until it becomes a dirt track ( Hales Rd ). You'll pass Forestry Tas. signs on your way in, as well as a map of the area off the right of the road not long after the dirt section of the road begins. The beginning of the walk is signposted.
  • The reccomended track from the Gnomon carpark is a pleasant incline through eucalypt forest and reaches the edge of the cliffs in 45 minutes. Views to the south to Mount Duncan and beyond are good, as are views east of Ulverstone and Devonport.
  • Other approaches to The Gnomon include, Ferndene Reserve via Mount Dial track, Mount Montgomery and Mount Duncan tracks.
  • With the aid of a car-shuffle The Gnomon can be walked from the Mount Montgomery carpark through to the Gnomon carpark taking in both peaks, and optionally taking in Mount Dial as an interesting day-walk.
  • reccomended publications from Penguin visitors information centre
    • Dial Range Recreation and Management map ($4)
    • Dial Range Walks - Northwest Walking Club (free)

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