Mount Franklin Walking Track

1 h to 1 h 30 min

3.1 km

↑ 136 m
↓ -136 m

Easy track
Starting from the car park off Mount Franklin Road, Cotter River, this walk takes you to the summit of Mount Franklin and back via the same-titled walking track, visiting the Franklin Shelter near the start. With unique views and instant access to the wilderness, this walk through the forest will surely make you feel remote in a matter of minutes. But before heading deeper into the woodland, you’ll visit the Franklin Shelter. This shelter was built to remember and honor the Franklin Chalet, which was significant to Canberrans that were skiing in the Brindabellas. Built in 1938 to serve the Canberra Alpine Club, the cozy chalet was lost to the bushfires in 2003. After the historic visit, you’ll walk along the former ski runs which can be overgrown up to the summit. Expect to see beautiful views of the western ACT from this point. Walk to any direction you want to get less obstructed views, but remember to keep the Trig Point as a reference not to get lost. You can take a right turn from the Trig Station(coming from the walking track) and head along the subtle dirt track to see the rusty Austin A40, which was used as an engine for the ski tow. Keep in mind that there is no reception in the area, so inform others beforehand. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.
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Safer Bushwalks
Tips on staying safe on track
Before you start any bushwalk ensure you;
• Tell someone you trust where you are going and what to do if you are overdue
• Have adequate equipment, supplies, skills & knowledge for the whole journey
• Consider the impact of weather forecasts, park/track closures & fire dangers
• Can respond to emergencies & call for help at any point
• Are healthy and fit enough for this journey
If not, change plans and stay safe. It is okay to delay and ask people for help.
Getting There
Transport options and directions
Start At the intersection of Mt Franklin Walking Track & Mount Franklin Road (-35.4938137,148.7636456)
Mode Car
DirectionsFrom Tuggeranong Parkway
  • Turn on to Cotter Road Offramp then drive for 410 m
  • Keep left and drive for another 2.1 km
  • Turn left onto Cotter Road and drive for another 750 m
  • At roundabout, take exit 2 onto Cotter Road and drive for another 8.7 km
  • Turn left and drive for another 235 m
  • Turn sharp left onto Cotter Road and drive for another 980 m
  • Turn right onto Brindabella Road and drive for another 7.2 km
  • Turn left onto Brindabella Road and drive for another 17.9 km
  • Turn left onto Mount Franklin Road and drive for another 19.6 km
  • Turn sharp left onto Mt Franklin Walking Track and drive for another 5 m
Track Notes
Turn by turn instructions & maps
Getting started
From the dirt car park off Mount Franklin Road(15.30km southwest of intersection with Brindabella Road), head towards the green metal gate along the dirt path. Pass through the gap next to the gate and join the dirt trail as you pass by informative signposts to your right. Follow the said track as it passes by the Franklin Shelter(to your left) to continue along Mount Franklin Walking Track.....
Turn map Directions & comments
At the intersection of Mt Franklin Walking Track & Mount Franklin Road Start heading along Mt Franklin Walking Track (a vehicle track).
After 480 m pass the water tap (35 m on your left).
After another 15 m come to the tourism|alpine_hut (25 m on your left).
The Franklin Shelter
After another 80 m pass the toilet (50 m on your left).
(Mount Franklin) Continue another 990 m to find the end. Then turn around here and retrace the main route for 1.6 km to get back to the start.
About 80 metres to the right, you can find the rusty Austin A40.
"Mount Franklin".
About 80 metres to the right, you can find the rusty Austin A40.
Know the Hills, grading & facilities

Mount Franklin Walking Track

Class 2/6
Easy track
Length 3.1 km
Time 1 h to 1 h 30 min
Quality of track Clear and well formed track or trail (2/6)
Gradient Gentle hills with occasional steps (2/6)
Signage Clearly signposted (2/6)
Infrastructure Generally useful facilities (such as fenced cliffs and seats) (1/6)
Experience Required No experience required (1/6)
Weather Weather generally has little impact on safety (2/6)

Some facilities on route
Tourism|alpine_hut: There is one 490 m from the start.

Toilet: There is one 570 m from the start.

Order of key facilities on route
ItemFrom StartName & link to notes
490 m[tourism|alpine_hut]
570 m[toilet]
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