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Wed 01 Sep, 2021 10:20 pm

EDIT: I think I am going to hang on to it for now. I am not sure what exactly for...but I do like it.... :roll: :lol:

Specs found here:

S Straps, shoulder pocket, Small torso, medium hipbelt- but would also fit someone who typically takes a small hipbelt I would think. VX21, roll top. Spanish teal and black.

Purchase cost $160 USD + $75 USD Custom Frabric Option, VX21 + Shoulder Strap Pocket $30 USD. Plus shipping from the US, however I had ordered another pack so the shipping was split between the two packs I ordered.

Used on 3x overnight trips. Carried my Winter gear and two days food comfortably. No damage whatsoever, presents as new. Can take more pictures, this is just one I had on my laptop from a recent trip.

$280 including postage within Australia

Long story alert: Reason for sale is because the pack I was really chasing (Circuit) was getting shipped to me so thought I would try the CDT as could get shipped together for no extra cost (other than purchase price!). Unfortunately ULA made an error with my Custom Circuit, so it has since been on-sold. Kind of worked out okay as I realised that the CDT was the better capacity for my needs over the very big Circuit in any case. I have since gone a very similar capacity and style of pack to the CDT, but with a removable frame- thus fulfilling the need I had when ordering the ULA Circuit originally and also allowing me to shed the weight of the frame set up to go frameless with my lighter loads.
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