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A Tiny Aussie Tent Stove

PostPosted: Mon 17 May, 2021 10:42 pm
by telemarktim
Hi there fellow walkers and skiers, I have been doing some Covid19 tinkering with the finishing touches to my tiny ultralight tent stove (~400g) that lives in a 1L cooking pot. I thought I would share it with you as the winter snow and cold camping is just around the corner.

The photo above shows that despite its size, it is a hot little stove for tent warming, cooking and snow melting. I estimate that it puts out about 1,000Watts (the equivalent of a 1,000Watt radiator).

The stove uses an efficient inverted gasifier burner that cleanly burns the smoke from wood sticks at a miserly rate of only 7g/min. It holds most of the long fuel sticks in waiting in the burner/fuel tube. They feed downwards into the pyrolysis zone only when required. The intense burner heat and the slow feed rate means that it can cleanly burn damp sticks.


The stove can be mounted on bush poles to keep it away from the ground and deep snow. A wood stick storage/drying rack can be lashed below.


The stove can also become a powerful blower stove for fast outdoor cooking or slow cooking with a 5g alcohol burner.

Here is the stove and all parts including a 2,200mm stove pipe ready for backpacking.


Here is a little video of Nick’s stove at night:

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