Stirling Ridge Walk WA in October

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Stirling Ridge Walk WA in October

Postby Lynda Moir » Wed 03 Oct, 2007 5:08 pm

Inspired by our walk in July we went back to the ridge last week end. We again attempted the track from east to west - this time the way seemed a little clearer - navigation-wise I mean.

We drove down from Perth to the Stirlings on Friday night - around 400 kilometres - not many windy roads here! We were shuttled out to the Ellen Peak end of the track by Tony from the local retreat - a great service.

The weather was much kinder and being a long weekend, the beginning of WA's school holidays and spring there was a cast of thousands up there - compared to last time when we met not a soul until we reached the summit of Bluff Knoll. We met up each day with two other parties - all of whom were great company. We shared pack hauling and walking tips galore.

We met several parties of walkers going west to east. We took three days to enjoy our walk, as did the others. Only one group tackled the ridge in a day - you would really need to be super fit and not wanting to look around!

The whole walk is fabulous but the most difficult section is through the Three Arrows. Main draw back is lack of water but fortunately there was water in the barrell at Third Arrow.

Again the wedge-tail eagles were a highlight, accompanying us all the way. The wildflowers were fabulous at all levels of the ridge.

We can feel our fitness level increasing which is reassuring as we are planning to come to Tasmania in Feb/March to tackle the Western Arthur Range.
Lynda Moir
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Re: Stirling Ridge Walk WA in October

Postby kaite » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 10:23 am

Thanks for this info Lynda, I am heading over West soon and would like to visit the sterling ranges early Dez... I assume at that latitude and altitude the time of the year ought to be ok? Seams i need to inquire about water.Sounds like the ridge track is hard to find? Is it marked at all?
Will there be thousands up there early Dez?
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Re: Stirling Ridge Walk WA in October

Postby awildland » Fri 23 Dec, 2016 2:14 pm

Hey Kaite, my partner and I did the stirling ranges ridge walk in August two years ago. If you plan to do it in December I would recommend checking locally on whether they have had any rain as there are no creeks or water sources along the route, except for a couple of small soaks/drips that are not reliable, certainly if it has been dry and if it is hot (and they take hours to fill a water bottle). We didn't find the track too hard to follow but it isn't marked in any regular way. I remember only one marker on the whole route. There are plenty of 'false leads' in some spots. This slowed us down a couple of times when we had to check track notes, backtrack, and then find the right route. It is a stunning but tough walk, not to be underestimated. We loved it!
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