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Great North Walk: Patonga to Wondabyne via Mt Wondabyne

Fri 11 Nov, 2016 9:37 pm

I'm new to this site so hi to all. I've recently completed the Patonga to Wondabyne section of the great north walk and it was beautiful! There was some dreary fire trail walking and the route passed alongside Woy Woy tip but other than that it is well worth doing. My write up and photo's are here: ... wondabyne/
The next sections are trickier for a solo hiker as day trips no longer end at train stations. I'm interested in how other solo hikers have finished this trail? All at once? Nagged friends to provide lifts? Uber? Bus?

Re: Great North Walk: Patonga to Wondabyne via Mt Wondabyne

Sun 13 Nov, 2016 6:35 am

Hi solohiker,

I have done Wondabyne Rail to Woy Woy a few times, lots of Black Cockatoos, amazing view from top of Wondabyne. I have not done from Patonga to Wondabyne as yet, will put it on the bucket list.

I too am looking at the sections further and scratching my head as to how to do them as a solo hiker. I have done Heaton Gap to Teralba - Catch the Rover Route 163 bus from Morisset Station to the Brunkerville BP. ... 747763.pdf for the timetable and you need to inform the driver. If you drive park at Brunkerville BP there is options to go west/south and east/north towards Newcastle. If you don't have to walk every inch of the Great North Walk, avoid the section from Wakefield to Teralba, quarry trucks, poor shoulder and boring dangerous main road bashing.

Brunkerville BP can give access to the GNW heading South or be an exit point for a multi day walk from somewhere south heading North to Heatons Gap. I am yet to work out the nuts and bolts but thats what I would probably do. I have all so found that driving to a spot, walking to a campsite and returning back to car on same route while time consuming, may be a good option for me as a solo hiker. A route walked one way is different walking the opposite direction.

Re: Great North Walk: Patonga to Wondabyne via Mt Wondabyne

Sun 13 Nov, 2016 8:03 am

Thanks! Maybe I do need to look at doing some return style walks- 10km one way then back again.
I think that, kids permitting, I'll be needing to do some multiday walks. One idea I have is to walk from either wondabyne or somersby (depending on how I handle the next bit) to basin campsite then have my family meet me there to camp the night. That way I am only hauling them out there for something they can enjoy too. I don't just want to use them as a taxi service.
But yeah, return style walks might be worth considering especially on weekends when the bus services are even rarer!

Re: Great North Walk: Patonga to Wondabyne via Mt Wondabyne

Sun 13 Nov, 2016 9:10 am

Now you have me re inspired. Wondabyne Rail to Somersby. Catch train to Wondabyne on a Friday, walk to Somersby Public school by 1800 Saturday for bus back to Gosford. Or do on a Saturday Bus from Gosford in morning 0738 to Somersby than walk back to Wondabyne Rail. ... y/20141130 ... night.html

Re: Great North Walk: Patonga to Wondabyne via Mt Wondabyne

Sun 13 Nov, 2016 5:21 pm

Yep. Don't like having to rely on a bus that only runs once a day! But it really is the only way other than dragging family out to collect or catching a cab(could be $60!).
I definitely want to do this leg before summer turns to high. Maybe I just drag the family out.
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