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15.10.16 Charlotte Pass, the Blue Lake & Carruthers Peak.

Mon 17 Oct, 2016 8:18 pm

On 15/10/16 I did the 14 kms loop from Charlotte Pass to the Blue lake to Carruthers peak and back in snow shoes. .The weather and snow conditions were excellent.

See the link for details and photos. It is all here :D ... st-3142142

Re: 15.10.16 Charlotte Pass, the Blue Lake & Carruthers Pe

Tue 18 Oct, 2016 2:20 pm

I had the best day out on 15.10.16 in clear sunshine out on The Main Range in N.S.W..
It took me all day to drive from Melb. To Thredbo on Friday 14/10/16.It was sunny so I stopped along the way numerous times for victuals,photos and to stretch my legs.
The Hume lake is more than full.From just past Corryong one could see snow on the Main Range.It was looking good..
I got my car permit for the Kosci.N.P. At Khancoban.After about 5kms past Khancoban the road became a one lane make shift track not once but twice ,where roadworks were being carried out where the road had been washed away completely.The Main Range was looking magnificent from the Scammel's spur lookout.
I pulled into Ngarigo campsite at about 5pm.I had brought my own firewood so I got a fire going.It was a sub zero night with frost and ice everywhere at day break.It was so cold on Sat. At daybreak that the water that I put into the trangier pot to boil froze before my eyes!.
Anyway I was up at CP by about 9 am or so.
The cars were lined about for about a km down from the turning circle.It was busy with snow fiends and there was a lot of Snow up there.The weather was perfect!.
I crossed the two streams with boots on and emerged with dry feet after some fancy footwork.I used a compass to make my way 4 Kms NNW to where I veered NNE towards The Blue Lake viewing platform.There were huge cornices out there and the lake itself was frozen and hidden by a blanket of snow.The traverse out to and back from The Blue Lake viewing platform was treacherous with soft steep sun cooked spring snow giving me a hard time in my snow shoes.I had the whippet pole in ice axe mode in case of a slip and the need to self arrest on that steep slope.I ate lunch at the Blue Lake platform and then headed for Carruther's peak.It was busy up there with many outdoor enthusiasts soaking up the spectacular views and clear weather.It was very windy and the wind chill factor was considerable.
Photos were taken ,amazing views were absorbed for posterity in the memory bank and I headed back.I crossed the streams again successfully and was back at the car at 4.30pm.I was and still am one happy chappy.That was magnificent..
The evening that followed was so windy at the campsite that I went to bed early.The forecast for 16.10.16 was for poor weather,windy and rain .One could not top my day out on Carruther's peak so I packed up after breakfast on 16/10/16 and headed for Myrtleford, my half way over night pit stop at my friend's house.
I stopped at Geehi and walked around a bit.The snowy views ; the Kangaroos; The stone hut ; the swiftly flowing stream all make it a very pleasant place to camp on another trip.The drive back into Vic. was still pleasant even if rain clouds were gathering. The Mitta Mitta river is very full where it meets Lake Hume.
I shall be back to the Main Range!
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Re: 15.10.16 Charlotte Pass, the Blue Lake & Carruthers Pe

Wed 19 Oct, 2016 9:43 am

Sounds like you hit the jackpot PCV. It is a magnificent/stunning neighborhood.

Re: 15.10.16 Charlotte Pass, the Blue Lake & Carruthers Pe

Wed 19 Oct, 2016 10:55 pm

Photos are here ... st-3142142

Re: 15.10.16 Charlotte Pass, the Blue Lake & Carruthers Pe

Wed 16 Nov, 2016 10:33 pm

I have added some more pic.s on that link .
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