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Sydney to Melbourne route via parks

Sun 19 Jun, 2016 3:01 am

I'll be riding my bicycle from Sydney to Melbourne from Mid December. Is it a very big mistake to try to cling to the coast as much as possible. On my return, I am hoping to hike over the mountains on the AAWT so want something differnet on the way down and haven't seen much of this coast before and none of the Victorian coast to Melbourne.

I've been looking at online maps and it looks nice but with a few inlets I'm not sure if i'll have to go the long way around. But really I dont' want to hurry myself as the hike to come later will be hard enough. I want this part of my year long tour to be relaxing and pretty as possible. In my perusal of hte maps, I've got as far as south as Sussex heads. That's an example of a spot I am not sure if i must go back to the highway but even if I do it looks like it could be a pleasant route crossing over lots of tracks. The Cronjala park (spelling) looks like it might be a good place to hang out for a while too.

I see there are quite a lot of parks further inland but I don't think i want to zig zag back and forth between the coastal parks and those so you do think it matters much if I leave them right out of hte picture. I've been to Moreton NP before. It ws nice but places like that can feel a little lonely for me on my own. Near the sea I feel more secure.

Do you have any ideas where it would be good to be for Christmas to avoid huge camping crowds. I get back from NZ on the 12th and will head south straight away via Royal NP …

I will camp all the time. But may consider paying to be somewhere at christmas if a good idea came up that was not expensive, eg a hostel /backpackers in a beautiful spot.

Re: Sydney to Melbourne route via parks

Sun 19 Jun, 2016 8:29 am

This route was published in 2001 so some of the information will be outdated. However, much is still useful.

They are big files so may take a while to download.

East Coast Touring Route - Melbourne to Sydney

East Coast Touring Route - Sydney to Gold Coast

Re: Sydney to Melbourne route via parks

Mon 20 Jun, 2016 3:43 am

I'm guessing you had these pages already in your computer. I hope you didn't scan them for my sake! I will try to read them.
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