Scofields Hut to Broken Dam Hut.

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Scofields Hut to Broken Dam Hut.

Postby kanangra » Sun 19 May, 2013 7:34 pm

After 3 wonderful nights to myself at Scofields Hut it was time to move on. I had really enjoyed my stay here in this snug and cosy hut but I was looking forward to what today's journey would bring. I set off early and before long was back out at the Tantangara Rd. Here I resupplied at the car ready for the next stage of my trip. For security I decided to park the car up at Wares yards where all the horse riders were congregated and then walked back down to the start of Nungar Creek Trail. This I followed north as it paralleled Nungar Ck. After about an hour of solid walking I came to a track junction at a grassy flat. This would make a pleasant camp spot as there was water in a small creek draining Blanket Hill nearby. From here the track led uphill steeply before breaking out at the top end of Blanket Plain. Soon Bullock's Hill FT came in on my right and with it the route of the AAWT. I had been this way the year before and so I was able to read my entry in the log book as I rested up in Witses Hut. Here I met the first people I had seen in 4 days, a group of horse riders out for a day ride. Although I've visited several times I've never actually stayed here. I must put that right some time. After a good rest I pulled myself away and descended into the open valley of the Tantangara Ck. From here last year I had followed Alpine Ck FT but this year I stayed on Nungar trail. I would come back via Alpine Ck tomorrow. From the junction the track heads up steeply before dropping down to Kiandra Ck then up again and out onto the Wild Horse Plain. Here I fought off the March flies as I tried to digest my lunch. they certainly were bad this year. After crossing the plain I crested a rise and around the corner I had my first view out across the valley of the Eucumbene to Kiandra. I quickly decended and splashed into the refreshing alpine waters. It was quite a hot day. For a short distance it is necessary to follow the highway up into town where I rested up in the shade of the old Court House verandah.

Rested I crossed the highway and walked up Pollocks Gully past the old ski lodges. Once on top the trail led under the power lines at the old gate and up onto the Great Dividing Range. Here the track to Mt Selwyn quarry branched off. The track then descends into the saddle at Yans Gate which, sadly is now burnt. I decided to leave the track here and pay a visit to Four Mile Hut. It had been many years since my last visit but it was just as I had remembered it. Even though it was now late afternoon it was still quite warm as I made my way back to Tabletop trail which descended again to the Nine Mile Diggings. Here I rested up on the banks of the creek and drank heavily from its cool waters. It had been a hot afternoon. The track led steeply uphill again back to the crest of the range to the great vantage point across to Mt Tabletop and away to Mt Jagungal. Here I turned off onto the Four Mile Hill FT which led across the top before dropping slightly into the valley of Broken Dam Ck. Before long the new hut came into view. Located on the opposite side of the track it had not long been rebuilt to replace the old one that had burnt down in the fires. This was my first visit to the new hut but I had often visited the old one of which only the fire place remains now.

I was tired, it had been a long day, but water still had to be found. It took me a while but eventually I found a trickle in the creek about 40om below the hut. Again I had the place to myself and so I whiled away the evening sitting on the verandah looking out over the uplands and sipping on hut soup as the sun set. Even the March flies left me alone now. Heaven.

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