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Water Crossings Bibbulum Track

Fri 02 Jul, 2021 2:48 pm

Greetings fellow hikers
I am looking at the Bibbulum Track and have become a little confused by the water crossings.
Not concerned with the canoes at Irwin
After reading much I was hoping that you might have some valuable info on these little devils.
Torbay and Parry may be crossable, but may not be under certain conditions.
The one that I am curious about is Wilson. It seems extremely difficult to plan for a track with such a big void in that seems to be filled with comments of 'you need to plan ahead' when the fishing boat may not take you, they do not recommend you walking around it, and you need to make a decision even before reaching the jump off point. How do I claim a end to end, when I sat in a car for xkms from one side of the water to another?
Any advice from those that have battled these questions, I would love to hear from you.


Enjoy the weekend of hiking

Re: Water Crossings Bibbulum Track

Mon 05 Jul, 2021 1:46 pm

Hi Bellie,

At Wilson Inlet the track finishes on one side and restarts on the other. Using transport doesn’t impact an E2E so long as you finish at the end point on one side of the inlet and restart at the beginning of the track on the other side.
It is easy to get a taxi or some of the Denmark accommodation offer transport if you stay with them.
Some people walk around the mouth of inlet. It’s not part of bib track and is discouraged as you either have to walk through threatened ecological habitat or private property. At the moment the inlet is open so not possible to walk.

The Bibbulmun foundation cover this. ... crossings/

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