Chutes Walks Near Bunya Mountains: Trying to find out info

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Chutes Walks Near Bunya Mountains: Trying to find out info

Postby flingebunt » Sun 09 Feb, 2020 6:57 pm

I am trying to find the name of the bushland reserve that is just a few kilometres from the Dandabah and the Bunya Mountains National Park where there are a number of walks that include Carbine Chute, Chute No 3 Cunjevoi Falls.

I can't find a definitive name or much online information about this area. This is what I do know
  • Google maps labels this area as Brindavan, but says Brindavan is the name of a rentable cabin. Google maps has been known to get place names wrong.
  • Some information is available but tend to refer only to the Russell Park walk/circuit, and not the whole reserve. You can also start that same circuits from Fishers Lookout
  • The paths, signs and other facilities are being constructed and maintained as part of a youth training and employment program.
  • Some people simply refer to the walks as the Chutes Walks.

Any information you can provide me about this area would be appreciated.
Brindavan bunya mountains national park Dandabah sign top chute no 3 DSC05317.JPG
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