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Warmth guestimate needed

PostPosted: Mon 28 Jun, 2021 5:24 pm
by Moondog55
I have a sleeping bag shell here that needs something done with it. I thought I might try and turn it into a winter sleeping bag liner somewhat better than a single layer of ripstop nylon.
I have one of those already.
I also have a couple of metres of nylon/polyester blend tricot, which feels good against the skin when fuzzy side in or quite slippery when smooth side in.
Would anybody care to take a WAG at how warm the combination would be as a liner?
Being windproof it could also be used as a wind-sack to replace a bivvy sack as a bare bones survival aid.
The combination would be about 4mm thick/ an eighth of an inch so my guess would be 0.5Clo and adding maybe 2 degrees to a bags warmth although extra dead iar space might boost that a good bit.