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[FS Sydney] (Caffin) Remote Inverted-Canister Stove $160

PostPosted: Sun 05 Sep, 2021 2:41 pm
by rcaffin
FS [Sydney] (Caffin) Remote Inverted-Canister Stove $160

For some years I have been making and selling remote-inverted-canister stoves of my own design. They are very light (90 g or less), feature two valves for greater safety, and they connect to screw-thread, Campingaz and Powermax canisters. They are intended for use at temperatures down to -20 C, although with skill they can go much lower. I must have sold over 200 of them.

Unlike most commercial stoves, mine have two valves: one on the canister and one at the burner. The burner valve is for fine control (and I mean fine0), while the canister valve is a very simple on/off one able to completely shut off the flow of gas with a quick flick. Also unlike commercial screw-thread stoves, the canister connector will not strip its thread (as happened to me once in Europe).

The stove for sale is a Version 4 unit: the latest in the series, and is the last one in stock. I do not plan on making any more of them.

The first photo below is on the V4 stove. It comes with a long carbon fibre valve handle, a custom base board with micro-pegs for stability and a service kit. The second photo is of the V3 but it shows the armoured hose and the canister connector with safety valve. The V4 will be fully supported by me if you ever have any problems.
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Price $160 + P&P, via Paypal. Email to for further technical information and photos.


Re: [FS Sydney] (Caffin) Remote Inverted-Canister Stove $160

PostPosted: Mon 11 Oct, 2021 9:34 pm
by dashandsaph
Excellent stove - highly recommended. I have the V2 and it is very good. Low, stable and light with good flame control. I don't think I can justify a second one though.