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Any interest in an easier Tassie Where-am-I game as well?

Sat 28 Jul, 2018 11:11 am

Been pondering. There are a different groups of people who play the game. Some of us are privileged to have walked very widely in Tassie, and like to have challenges in a fast-moving game. Sometimes we've done easier photos for people with less experience of Tassie, and sometimes that has worked. Other times experienced people jump in, or sit back and wait, to no avail. I suspect that's because people who don't know most of the pictures tend to give up looking. I know if we get on an obscure SW roll, I tend to drop out for a while.

Two options I've thought of:
1. Make it clearer that it's ok to put pictures of Tassie in the Where-is-it (Aussie) game, as long as they aren't obscure. Those can be left for those who haven't walked extensively in Tassie. Plenty of people would have great memories and photos of the OLT, the Walls, Frenchmans, Freycinet, Anne, WArthurs etc, who I don't think really get to play much.

2. Start another game with a name that somehow indicates who it's for.
It could move much faster than the Aussie game, and be more fun and inspiring for more people. The Where-am-I? rather than the Where-is-it? would provide an extra level of interest in a more limited range of options.

Does that interest anybody?

Re: Any interest in an easier Tassie Where-am-I game as well

Mon 30 Jul, 2018 10:21 am

Not overwhelming interest, obviously. Maybe a little tweakage of the Aussie game would be relevant. For example:

1. It's definitely ok to include Tassie photos, as long as they're not obscure - i.e. lots of mainland players would have a chance of getting them.
2. It's ok to do 'Where-Am-I' rather than 'What-is-it?' for ones that would be too easy otherwise, e.g. some of Cradle Mountain.
3. It's understood that Tassie 'experts' won't jump in and answer ones that are very easy for them.

Am I the only person who thinks about this? That is possible. It's just that I think it's easy for the Tassie game to get rather elitist, with only a small number of people playing. But it's wonderful to have the harder challenges for map geeks and Abel collectors etc. It has inspired me, and it's part of reducing my risk of dementia. :)

Re: Any interest in an easier Tassie Where-am-I game as well

Mon 30 Jul, 2018 2:29 pm

People come and go in the game. I think it's fine as it is as the 1170 pages suggests... pictures sit there for a long time at times and there's nothing wrong with new or novice players jumping in and having a wild guess. Even if they are miles off most people give clues eventually.
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