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Weld, Mount

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Distance: 14km return

Access: South Weld Road, track starts on sweeping left hand bend (track starts on right hand side of road) about 1km after the Ruebens Falls Track sign. Look for tapes. South Weld Road is accessed from Tahune or Judbury. See Abels Volume 2 for directions from the Judd Creek Bridge.

Duration: Often done as an overnighter but quite feasible in a day with a fit party. Allow 9-12hrs return with daypacks or 14-16hrs with full packs stretched over two days.


The track begins by following a now quite pleasant old bull dozer track. This lasts about 3km until a nice creek is reached, being crossed on a log. The track now leaves the old bull dozer route, turning sharply left. A short ban of horizontal gives way to steep climbing in open forest. Watch not to deviate onto the Arrakis track. A lot of tapes attempt to keep you on course. After a considerable effort the track crosses forest with a scrubby understory. The track here is over grown minorly in acouple of places, but is generally easy to follow. You will then be spat out onto an open plain, a tape marking your exit point. The plain has no track, please fan out is it is very open. Tapes mark the recommencement, a difficulty to find in poor weather. Soon the outlet creek is reached, follow this to the unnamed tarn at 1100m elevation.

From here you will find a pad here and there, but the route is essentially off track although very straightforward. Climb the ridge on your right hand side, then follow it to contour a minor summit on its right hand side. This will deposit you between the twin summits, 10mins more will see you on the summit. Allow up to 1hr from the tarn. Most of this section is open with the occaisional scrub band between the boulders.

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