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Club Information

Current 2 January 2012: please check website for updates

Adelaide Bushwalkers Home Page

Membership of the Adelaide Bushwalkers offers great opportunities for walking and other outdoor activities (from rock-climbing to conservation work). The club holds regular weekend overnight hikes and Sunday day-walks, and makes good use of long weekends to do a variety of trips further afield. (This includes multi-walk, chartered bus-trips to the Flinders in June, and the Grampians in October.) Members also lead a number of extended walks e.g. to Tasmania, or the northern Flinders Ranges. Moreover, lots of purely social activities go on, including dinners, slide presentations, picnics, and various unofficial events as well.

Apart from a strong program of activities, we hire gear (such as tents, rucksacks and sleeping bags) at very reasonable rates, allowing beginners in particular to "try before they buy". The club also has a wealth of experience from which to draw, some of which comes through in the club's quarterly magazine, Tandanya. Our sizeable library of books and magazines is yet another resource available to members (whilst the Walks Secretary has a collection of many maps for use in planning activities).


The easiest way to learn more about becoming a member is to come along when we convene in the North Adelaide Community Centre situated at 176 Tynte St. North Adelaide. The club meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month to enjoy a presentation (e.g. by a guest speaker), or to consider reports and issues pertaining to the club, respectively. Each meeting begins at 8pm with an announcement of forthcoming activities, followed by a break to organise arrangements (particularly transport) where appropriate. (Thus members unable to stay may subsequently leave quickly.) During this break the Membership Secretary explains how the club works to people attending for the first time, and can answer any questions you may have.


Member application forms are available on the Adelaide Bushwalkers home page.

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