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Thark Ridge Track

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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: 5025 Collinsvale
Start (Lat/Long): -42.88513, 147.22154
Distance: 7 km return
Time required:
Degree of difficulty: requires basic navigation skills
Elevation Gained: unknown
Track Type: boggy, unmarked track
Vehicle Required: two wheel drive


Each extremity of this track is marked on the Wellington Park map, although the middle part and traditional route is not. For details see Mount Wellington Walks by Jan Hardy and Bert Elson. This shows the position of most of the Thark Ridge tracks and the Devils Throne track.

Traditional Route

Start from Big Bend carpark, the large one w/ snow gate, not the small parking spots on the bend itself. This is only 400m or so above the bend.

Head towards the boulder scree behind the right hand carpark when facing the summit. This is directly behind the carpark and impossible to miss. Pick up pads and traverse left, following pads and cairns where applicable. This will soon merge onto the main track. The main track is very boggy and obvious once on it, but is semi hard to locate in poor visibility or white out. This leads to the top of the ridge, meeting the ridge top traverse. The route to the fire trail below Mount Montagu is very well marked and towards Big Bend Fire Trail is a reasonable track. The other tracks shown in Mount Wellington Walks by Jan Hardy and Bert Elson are often hard to find and follow, but going is open. Requires basic navigational skills.
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