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List of Tasmanian Conifers

Eleven conifers are native to Tasmania including nine that are endemic.

ε: Endemic species

Botanical Name

Common Name
(disused names)
Athrotaxis cupressoides ε Pencil Pine StatusVU.png
Athrotaxis selaginoides ε King Billy Pine StatusVU.png
Athrotaxis x laxifolia ε Hybrid Pine (King Billy X Pencil Pine) Athrotaxis laxifolia
Callitris oblonga ssp. oblonga ε South Esk pine StatusEN.png
Callitris rhomboidea Port Jackson Pine Callitris tasmanica StatusLC.png
Diselma archeri ε Cheshunt Pine StatusVU.png
Lagarostrobos franklinii ε Huon Pine Dacrydium franklinii StatusLC.png
Microcachrys tetragona ε Creeping Pine, Strawberry Pine Athrotaxis tetragona
Pherosphaera hookeriana ε Drooping pine (Mt. Mawson Pine) Microstrobos niphophilus StatusVU.png
Phyllocladus aspleniifolius ε Celery Top Pine StatusLC.png
Podocarpus lawrencii Mountain Plum Pine Podocarpus alpinus var. lawrencei StatusLC.png

Important: Tasmanian conifers are very fire sensitive and do not regenerate well after a fire. Care should be taken to avoid lighting fires, including camp fires, in areas where these plants occur. "Some of the largest pure stands of pencil pine have been lost due to campfires which have escaped" and "many hundreds of hectares of King Billy pine have been lost to fire in south-west and western Tasmania" (DPIW). These are not expected to regenerate.

NB: The three creeping or low growing species, Diselma archeri, Pherosphaera hookeriana, and Microcachrys tetragona, are superficially very similar and hence on casual observance are often confused one with the other.

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