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|myrtle wattle
|myrtle wattle
|A. paradoxa
|kangaroo thorn
|Acacia armata

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List of Tasmanian Acacia species (wattle trees)

Derivation: from Greek acis, a thorn.

List of species/subspecies of Acacia native to Tasmania#, including endemic species (marked ε).

Scientific NameAuthorityCommon NameObsolete NameStatus *
A. axillaris ε Hook. f. midlands wattle v, VU
A. dealbata Link silver wattle
A. genistifolia Link spreading wattle Acacia diffusa
A. gunnii Benth. ploughshare wattle Acacia vomeriformis
A. mearnsii De Wild black wattle Acacia mollissima
A. melanoxylon R.Br. blackwood
A. mucronata Wendl. native willow
A. myrtifolia (Sm.) Willd. myrtle wattle
A. pataczekii ε D.I.Morris Wally's wattle r
A. riceana ε Hensl. Rice's wattle
A. siculiformis Benth. dagger wattle Acacia stuartiana r
A. sophorae (Labill.) R.Br. boobyalla, coast wattle
A. uncifolia (J.M.Black) O'Leary, coast wirilda r
A. verniciflua A.Cunn. varnished wattle
A. verticillata var. ovoidea Benth. Acacia ovoidea
A. verticillata subsp. ruscifolia (G.Don)Court A. verticillata var. latifolia Benth., p.p.A
A. verticillata var. verticillata (L'Her.) Willd. prickly mimosa
A.stricta (Andrews) Willd. hop wattle
A.suaveolens (Sm.)Willd. sweet wattle
A.terminalis (Salisb.) J.F.Macbr. sunshine wattle Acacia botrycephala
A.ulicifolia (Salisb.) Court juniper wattle, prickly mosses Acacia juniperina r

Conservation Status *

# Botanist continue to publish new findings and continue to discuss the taxonomy of Acacia in Tasmania, so some lists might have more or less than the number listed here.

Confirmation sources include:

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