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Yes / No Game Rules

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  1. promptly post a new scenario,
  2. give his/her turn to another person who can promptly post, or
  3. post a forfeit, in which case any Player can post the next scenario

Playing the game

Options when unable to monitor the game

  1. Proxy: If the person who posts a scenario is unable to monitor the game, he/she may select another player to act as proxy. To do this simply PM the correct answer to that player. (You can PM the site Moderators/Administrators if no one else is available).

  2. Forfeit: The person controlling the scenario can forfeit at any time by simply posting the correct answer and normal forfeit rules apply. This is a less preferable option. Proxy is a better choice if at all possible.

Possible answers to the questions are

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Unknown: the answer is unknown or has no bearing on the result (used if you are unable to answer yes or no).
  4. Correct: Yes, that is the answer. (to differentiate from YES and conclude the current scenario).
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