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Game Index - 2009 Postings

The 2009 Game Index for the Forum Game "Where am I" only lists game entries posted in 2009. See the list of game indexes for entries made in other years.

NOTE: You can post corrections/ improvement/ additions to this topic in the forum.

# Posted By Thumbnail Image Description
1 walkinTas WAI-img001.jpg Hounslow Heath looking south to Cradle
2 walkinTas WAI-img002.jpg Lake Lilla & Lake Dove from the Overland Track looking east to the Car Park
3 sthughes WAI-img003.jpg Murchison (Mt.) panorama
4 Swifty WAI-img004.jpg Badger Flat looking to Mt Curly
5 Eggs WAI-img005.jpg Hesperus (Mt.) looking to Lake Pedder
6 sthughes WAI-img006.jpg Roland back track looking east
7 walkinTas WAI-img007.jpg Quamby Bluff looking at Drys Bluff
8 bushrunner WAI-img008.jpg Drys Bluff (from the boulder field below the escarpment) Looking East
9 Eggs WAI-img009.jpg Tyndall (Mt.) looking over Milligan's Mountain Heath to Frenchmans Cap
10 Nick S WAI-img010.jpg Collins Bonnet panorama
11 Eggs WAI-img011.jpg Little Horn saddle looking over Lake Rodway
12 tasadam WAI-img012.jpg Pillinger (Mt.) panorama
13 sthughes WAI-img013.jpg Pillingers Peak (Flinders Island) looking north
14 Nick S WAI-img014.jpg Cathedral (Mt.) looking down at the Lake Chalice
15 tasadam WAI-img015.jpg Hugel (Mt.) looking to Mt Olympus & Geryon on the left
16 stubowling WAI-img016.jpg Mesa (near Adamson Peak) looking south
17 Eggs WAI-img017.jpg Sirius (Mt.) (in the saddle below just below)
18 stubowling WAI-img018.jpg Jubilee (Mt.) Mts Anne, Lot and Sarah Jane with the snow on top
19 Mickeymoo WAI-img019.jpg Pindars Peak looking west towards New River Lagoon
20 stubowling WAI-img020.jpg Wright (Mt.) looking to the Thumbs and Clear Hill
21 Eggs WAI-img021.jpg Tahune Hut view from the helipad
22 dee_legg WAI-img022.jpg The Boomerang overlooking Lake Sydney
23 Eggs WAI-img023.jpg Barn Bluff Track (just past the hill in the middle of the track)
24 stepbystep WAI-img024.jpg Lake Judd track next to Schnells ridge looking up to Mt Eliza
25 tommyeg WAI-img025.jpg Tyndall (Mt.) vista
26 alex WAI-img026.jpg Goon Moor just above the campsite looking to Mt Rugby
27 Eggs WAI-img027.jpg Schnells (halfway up) looking back to Scotts Peak (the island)
28 norts WAI-img028.jpg Thetis look at Perrins Bluff
29 alex WAI-img029.jpg Shelf Camp on the Eliza plateau looking across to Mt Anne
30 Kramster WAI-img030.jpg Legges Tor (Ben Lomond) western approach
31 tasadam WAI-img031.jpg Lake Margaret Dam wall looking to Zeehan, Heemskirk & Agnew
32 Taurë-rana WAI-img032.jpg Tor (Mt.) looking to Cradle
33 sthughes WAI-img033.jpg Beattie (Mt.) looking at Mount Rugby (Bathurst Narrows)
34 stubowling WAI-img034.jpg The Needles looking west over the Florentine Valley from the summit
35 Mickeymoo WAI-img035.jpg Moraine A on the Western Arthurs looking towards Mt Anne
36 Kramster WAI-img036.jpg Lake Ayr eastern end looking west
37 tasadam WAI-img037.jpg Flat Bluff (part way up the climb) looking over Mary Creek Plains
38 Eggs WAI-img038.jpg Lake Hanson looking east
39 norts WAI-img039.jpg Lot (Mt.) just before you go down onto Lightning Ridge
40 stubowling WAI-img040.jpg Cullen (Mt.) looking out over Hermit Basin
41 Nick S WAI-img041.jpg Innes Peak D'Aguillar Range (Frenchmans in the background)
42 stubowling WAI-img042.jpg Canopus (Mt.) (summit) looking at Lake Venus and the Phoenix
43 Eggs WAI-img043.jpg Trial Harbour Road (near Mt Agnew) just out of Trial Harbour
44 sthughes WAI-img044.jpg Bell Mountain panorama
45 tasadam WAI-img045.jpg Frenchmans Cap (part way up the cliff face) looking at Barron Pass
46 Eggs WAI-img046.jpg Lake Rodway track sunrise at Cradle
47 tasadam WAI-img047.jpg Perrins Bluff looking at high dome
48 norts WAI-img048.jpg Blue Peaks looking at Little Throne and Lake Little Throne
49 son of a beach WAI-img049.jpg Flat Bluff looking towards Mt Mary
50 Eggs WAI-img050.jpg Amos (Mt.) looking north past Mt Dove
51 tasadam WAI-img051.jpg Pelion Gap on the OLT looking north
52 DaveNoble WAI-img052.jpg Pine Valley (about 50m down the valley from the helipad) looking past the edge of the Acropolis towards Geryon
53 Eggs WAI-img053.jpg Hartz Peak looking north
54 Nick S WAI-img054.jpg Rogoon (Mt.) looking over Myrtle & Chalice Lakes towards the Du Cane and Pelion Ranges
55 DaveNoble WAI-img055.jpg Jubilee Range showing the Eastern and Western Arthurs
56 Eggs WAI-img056.jpg Ossa looking to Thetis (foreground) & Perrins Bluff (background)
57 stubowling WAI-img057.jpg Lord (Mt.) (in Mt Field National Park) from the peak to its South
58 norts WAI-img058.jpg Cathedral (Mt.) looking through Du Cane Gap and the mountain in the light is Mt Cuvier with Gould's Sugerloaf behind
59 tasadam WAI-img059.jpg Propsting looking at Cracroft Hills
60 MJD WAI-img060.jpg The Thumbs looking across to Clear Hill
61 stubowling WAI-img061.jpg Anderson Bluff (just north of Burgess Bluff) looking across Hopetoun to Federation
62 MJD WAI-img062.jpg Gordon Plains looking at Mt Wright
63 Mickeymoo WAI-img063.jpg Mawson (Mt.) summit
64 stubowling WAI-img064.jpg Olympus (Mt.) looking to the Seven Apostles
65 DaveNoble WAI-img065.jpg Frankland Range looking back to Secheron Peak
66 Eggs WAI-img066.jpg Byron Gap looking to the Cheyne Range
67 norts WAI-img067.jpg Acropolis looking at Gould, Minotaur, Parthenon, Guardians etc
68 MJD WAI-img068.jpg Horizontal Hill vista with the Guardians in the foreground]]
69 Swifty WAI-img069.jpg Pokana Peak from the ridge running west]]
70 MJD WAI-img070.jpg Sphinx Bluff looking over to Denison Crag, Stacks Bluff etc
71 stubowling WAI-img071.jpg Manfred (Mt.) small tarn looking to Mt Cuvier.
72 MJD WAI-img072.jpg Jerusalem dawn with Moriah in the foreground
73 tasadam WAI-img073.jpg Ossa - Paddys Nut saddle looking north (Barn Bluff in cloud)
74 Eggs WAI-img074.jpg Donaghy's lookout vista
75 dee_legg WAI-img075.jpg Lake Elysia (just to the west) Hyperion and Eros in the foreground on the right
76 MJD WAI-img076.jpg Chapman (Mt.) looking south to Anderson Bluff & Burges Bluff over Abrotanella Rise
77 bauera WAI-img077.jpg Waterfall Bluff (there abouts) and that rocky crag is Clemes Peak
78 north-north-west WAI-img078.jpg Seagers Lookout in the Mt Field Nat Park
79 Eggs WAI-img079.jpg Hanson Peak track as it comes up to the south side of the Twisted Lakes after passing around the back of Hanson's Peak and before the junction
80 Taurë-rana WAI-img080.jpg Lake Ina on the beach
81 Kramster WAI-img081.jpg Spray Tunnel at Zeehan
82 Taurë-rana WAI-img082.jpg Don Heads beach (on western side) looking to the Dial Range
83 tas-man WAI-img083.jpg Artillery Bluff looking East
84 walkinTas WAI-img084.jpg Jerusalem looking north
85 bauera WAI-img085.jpg Reedy Lake (on the track between Lees Paddocks and Pelion Hut) looking to Pelion East
86 tas-man WAI-img086.jpg Buoy Creek at Cox Bight
87 Nick S WAI-img087.jpg Pelion East looking SE
88 tas-man WAI-img088.jpg Freycinet (Mt.) looking towards Mt Graham
89 tas-man WAI-img089.jpg Lake McCoy (near Pillinger) looking towards Deans Bluff
90 tasadam WAI-img090.jpg Waterfall Bluff (on the Tasman Peninsula) looking south to Cape Huay
91 bauera WAI-img091.jpg Southwest Range vista
92 dee_legg WAI-img092.jpg Richea Creek track Gordon River Crossing
93 bauera WAI-img093.jpg Huon Track looking to Mount Riveaux
94 Robbo WAI-img094.jpg Tiger lake
95 tasadam WAI-img095.jpg Waterfall Valley (OLT) looking across the ridge
96 Eggs WAI-img096.jpg Smithies Peak (Cradle Mt) looking north
97 walkinTas WAI-img097.jpg Lake Mackenzie Rd looking across the Mersey to Mt Ossa
98 Eggs WAI-img098.jpg Eliza Plateau with Sarah Jane in the background & Lake Judd below
99 stubowling WAI-img099.jpg Eros (Mt.) looking across at Du Cane Range, Mt Geryon and The Acropolis
100 Kramster WAI-img100.jpg Never Never Track - Tree crossing over the Mersey
101 Swifty WAI-img101.jpg Thark Ridge looking toward Tom Thumb
102 north-north-west WAI-img102.jpg Cradle Mtn (bit over half way up) Marions Lookout in the background
103 tasadam WAI-img103.jpg Cradle Mtn (half way up) looking west
104 Eggs WAI-img104.jpg Read (Mt.) lookout
105 Swifty WAI-img105.jpg Hesperus looking towards Mt Maconachie
106 Kramster WAI-img106.jpg Lake Belcher track
107 Eggs WAI-img107.jpg Lake Rodway track looking to Mt Emmett
108 stubowling WAI-img108.jpg Hesperus looking across James Kelley Basin
109 son of a beach WAI-img109.jpg Ridge between the hut and Lakes Chambers looking to Douglas, Johnny, etc
110 north-north-west WAI-img110.jpg Acropolis looking south to Mt Olympus and Mt Byron
111 Eggs WAI-img111.jpg Bowling Green (OLT) next to the confluence of the Narcissus River and Stony Creek
112 tas-man WAI-img112.jpg Leven River Canyon looking to the Loongana Range
113 tas-man WAI-img113.jpg Griffiths Ridge (Loongana Range side) looking at Black Bluff
114 Eggs WAI-img114.jpg Frankland Beach (on the southern end of Lk St Clair) looking north
115 Phil WAI-img115.jpg Blizzard Plains looking toward Mt Rogoona
116 Nick S WAI-img116.jpg Pegasus (Mt.) looking east to Federation
117 tas-man WAI-img117.jpg New Harbour Range looking south over the Matsuyker group
118 Eggs WAI-img118.jpg Eliza Plateau (on the way up to) looking to Druid Range (Mt Anne) photographed from near the Hut
119 DaveNoble WAI-img119.jpg Phoenix campsite part way down
120 flyfisher WAI-img120.jpg Florentine Valley looking up to Mt Field West
121 Johnw WAI-img121.jpg Lady Lake
122 Kramster WAI-img122.jpg Francis Bluff looking over Lake Judd
123 Phil WAI-img123.jpg Van Dyke (Mt.) track heading up the western end
124 Eggs WAI-img124.jpg Tyndall (Mt.) about where the track reaches the edge of the plateau
125 stubowling WAI-img125.jpg Gould Plateau looking across at Byron, Cuvier & Manfred
126 Eggs WAI-img126.jpg Tarn Shelf looking to Rodway Range
127 Kramster WAI-img127.jpg Rufus (Mt.) heading for the summit
128 stubowling WAI-img128.jpg Lots Wife looking at Sarah Jane, Lightning Ridge, Lot & Anne
129 MJD WAI-img129.jpg Darkes Peak looking at Wylds Craig
130 MJD WAI-img130.jpg Olympus (Mt.) (north peak) looking north
131 Eggs WAI-img131.jpg Lake Bill looking up at Rogoona
132 walkinTas WAI-img132.jpg Rufus (Mt.) track looking back to Mt Hugel
133 son of a beach WAI-img133.jpg Lake Meston looking north
134 Nick S WAI-img134.jpg Olympus (Mt.) (Northern end) looking down to Narcissus River inlet
135 norts WAI-img135.jpg Wild Dog Creek heading towards Hells Gates
136 tasadam WAI-img136.jpg Devil Gullet Lookout
137 walkinTas WAI-img137.jpg Roland (Mt.) looking south
138 stepbystep WAI-img138.jpg Mars bluff looking over Miles Beach to Cape Queen Elisabeth in Moorina Bay
139 Phil WAI-img139.jpg Van Dyke (Mt.) looking east to Dogs Head Hill
140 tastrekker WAI-img140.jpg Maurice (Mt.) looking toward Mt Barrow and the Tamar valley
141 wello WAI-img141.jpg Howells Bluff looking south over Lake Louisa to Mt Rogoona
142 tastrekker WAI-img142.jpg Duncan (Mt.) looking north
143 walkinTas WAI-img143.jpg Giblin Peak (Ben Lomond) looking at Mensa Moor
144 tasadam WAI-img144.jpg Bathurst Harbour on one of the celery top islands
145 wello WAI-img145.jpg Coal Hill looking back to Mt Cuvier
146 Eggs WAI-img146.jpg Rogoona (Mt.) (first Ridge) looking towards the Wall of Jerusalem
147 walkinTas WAI-img147.jpg Riggs Pass looking across to Barn Bluff
148 Eggs WAI-img148.jpg OLT north of the Narcissus River Crossing
149 norts WAI-img149.jpg Olympus (Mt.) looking passed Mt. Gell to Frenchmans cap
150 walkinTas WAI-img150.jpg Roland (Mt.) summit panorama panning east to south
151 north-north-west WAI-img151.jpg Hartz Peak looking across at Mt Snowy, with Emily Tarn below
152 Johnw WAI-img152.jpg Cradle Face Track (Cradle Mountain) looking down at Lake Wilks
153 Eggs WAI-img153.jpg Anne (Mt.) just above Francis Bluff
154 north-north-west WAI-img154.jpg Farrell (Mt.) a little ways before the summit
155 Eggs WAI-img155.jpg Frenchmans ascent track looking over the ridge to the Irenabyss
156 tasadam WAI-img156.jpg Cape Tourville looking toward Wineglass Bay
157 Nick S WAI-img157.jpg Herringback Hill looking to Sleeping Beauty & Montague
158 tasadam WAI-img158.jpg Lake Elysia (in the Labyrinth) looking up at the Minotaur and Mt Gould
159 wello WAI-img159.jpg Saint Patricks Head looking over St Marys to Ben Lomond
160 Nick S WAI-img160.jpg Ben Nevis (summit) looking to Ben Lomond
161 wello WAI-img161.jpg Pine Forest Moor looking to Mount Oakleigh
162 tasTrekker WAI-img162.jpg Clumner Bluff looking down at Lake Rowallan
163 Eggs WAI-img163.jpg Hamilton Moraine looking across Basin Lake
164 walkinTas WAI-img164.jpg Dove Lake track looking at Honeymoon Islands
165 norts WAI-img165.jpg Pegasus (Mt.) looking over Lake Oberon
166 tastrekker WAI-img166.jpg Broadwiew Hill (in Rocky Cape National Park) enroute to Doone Falls
167 tas-man WAI-img167.jpg Anthony Road just before Lake Plimsol
168 Eggs WAI-img168.jpg Old Man Rocks looking across to Cosy Corner in the Bay of Fire
169 dirkus49 WAI-img169.jpg Cape Bruny looking SSW to Courts Island
170 norts WAI-img170.jpg Gordonvale plough - Lake Rhona track
171 GerryDuke WAI-img171.jpg Reeds Peak crooked Lake
172 stepbystep WAI-img172.jpg Jukes (Mt.) vista.
173 son of a beach WAI-img173.jpg Jackson Creek track (old track) looking up at the line of cliffs just north of Lake Myrtle
174 Johnw WAI-img174.jpg Lees Paddocks near Lees Hut
175 tasadam WAI-img175.jpg Lake Ayr eastern end on the Arm River track
176 norts WAI-img176.jpg Jackson Creek track on the plateau before lake Myrtle
177 son of a beach WAI-img177.jpg Oxley Falls (in the Mersey River) rocky shelf above falls
178 tasadam WAI-img178.jpg Projection Bluff looking towards the WOJ
179 tastrekker WAI-img179.jpg Goat Island car park looking across to the Island
180 walkinTas WAI-img180.jpg Cotton Plain (Mt Victoria Rd) looking south at Mt Albert
181 Phil WAI-img181.jpg Rogoona (Mt.) north western face of the opposite ridge to the summit (further north)
182 son of a beach WAI-img182.jpg Oakleigh (Mt.) looking south
183 north-north-west WAI-img183.jpg Florentine Peak between Florentine and Tyenna Peaks
184 walkinTas WAI-img184.jpg Archer's Knob (Narantupu National Park)
185 dirkus49 WAI-img185.jpg Nicholls Needle (from Keith Lancaster diaries)
186 stubowling WAI-img186.jpg Cuvier (Mt.) Western Spur (on the rise to the Cuvier Plateau) looking past Mt Byron to Olympus
187 Eggs WAI-img187.jpg Little Horn track looking down over Lake Wilkes and Dove Lake
188 samh WAI-img188.jpg Acropolis looking over Lake St Claire
189 Eggs WAI-img189.jpg Rogoona (Mt.) looking at Mt Pillinger
190 jose WAI-img190.jpg Inglis (Mt.) looking south east
191 Eggs WAI-img191.jpg Humbug Point just north of the St Helens barway
192 tasadam WAI-img192.jpg Oakleigh (Mt.) watching an eagle
193 samh WAI-img193.jpg Cathedral range (somewhere near Bishop Peak) looking west
194 Eggs WAI-img194.jpg High Camp Hut (south of) looking south
195 stubowling WAI-img195.jpg The Coronets looking towards Mt Anne
196 jwalker WAI-img196.jpg Sticht range looking towards Mt Dundas & Mt Read
197 dirkus49 WAI-img197.jpg Giblin (Mt.) looking to Defender Range, Thumbs, Wedge and Solitary". February, 1960 (Keith Lancaster)
198 jose WAI-img198.jpg The Guardians (Western End) looking towards Eldons
199 Eggs WAI-img199.jpg OLT at the tee off point for the side track up Mt Emmett
200 son of a beach WAI-img200.jpg Irenabyss part way down the last hill on the track from Frenchmans Cap
201 Eggs WAI-img201.jpg Tyndall Range towards Mt Geike
202 whynotwalk WAI-img202.jpg Orion Lakes Traveller Range above Stony Creek
203 stubowling WAI-img203.jpg Ragged Range looking west over Lake Gordon
204 Swifty WAI-img204.jpg Moonlight Ridge Adamson's Peak
205 Eggs WAI-img205.jpg Pine Valley track just after the Narcissus bridge
206 samh WAI-img206.jpg Ironstone (Mt.) looking up at the western bluff
207 tasadam WAI-img207.jpg Black Bluff looking towards Cradle Mt
208 samh WAI-img208.jpg Eliza (Mt.)] (on the way up to) looking over Deception Ridge
209 MrCamel WAI-img209.jpg Hazelton (Mt.) (northern slopes) looking east
210 stubowling WAI-img210.jpg Riveaux (Mt.) looking towards Mt Picton
211 Scrub Boy WAI-img211.jpg Ronald Cross (Mt.) with a ridge of the Loddon Range in the near distance
212 flyfisher WAI-img212.jpg West Cape track (Junction with the old track to Mt Melaleuca) looking at Mt Melaleuca
213 Eggs WAI-img213.jpg OLT (north of Kia Ora) looking at Mt. Hyperion
214 Scrub boy WAI-img214.jpg Lake Marion looking up at the Eastern end of the Guardians
215 stubowling WAI-img215.jpg Cuvier (Mt.) looking north to Mt Manfred with Lake Marion
216 Phil WAI-img216.jpg Barn Bluff track (on the ridge before the climb)
217 tasadam WAI-img217.jpg Parthenon ridge looking over Long Lake
218 stubowling WAI-img218.jpg Manfred (Mt.) (summit) looking north
219 tas-man WAI-img219.jpg Karamu (Mt.) looking to Southwest Cape
220 Scrub Boy WAI-img220.jpg Snowy North (Mt.) with the distinctive scree slope of Nevada peak evident
221 stubowling WAI-img221.jpg Rufus (Mt.) looking past Mt Gell to Frenchmans Cap
222 tas-man WAI-img222.jpg South Coast track as it comes around the southern end of Spica Hills
223 Scrub Boy WAI-img223.jpg Styx (Mt.) looking west
224 bluewombat WAI-img224.jpg Monument Lookout
225 Eggs WAI-img225.jpg Paterson's Arch waterfall bay side approaching the arch
226 whynotwalk WAI-img226.jpg Pine Lake on the Central Plateau
227 stepbystep WAI-img227.jpg Snake Plains track Wellington Park
228 dee_legg WAI-img228.jpg Du Cane Range (at the top) Mt Eros centre right, Frenchmans cap in the background
229 Kramster WAI-img229.jpg Newdegate Pass looking southish towards Florentine Peak and Tyenna Peak
230 whynotwalk WAI-img230.jpg Lake Youl on the Ben Lomond Plateau
231 stubowling WAI-img231.jpg Big Gun Pass
232 north-north-west WAI-img232.jpg Twisted Tarn Mt Field National Park.
233 whynotwalk WAI-img233.jpg Haunted Bay (Maria Island) looking past Barren Head
234 Phil WAI-img234.jpg Quamby Bluff on the scree
235 walkinTas WAI-img235.jpg Claude (Mt.) Lookout looking west.
236 tasadam WAI-img236.jpg Osmiridium Beach on the South Coast track.
237 dee_legg WAI-img237.jpg Eliza Plateau heading towards Mt Anne
238 stubowling WAI-img238.jpg Pitt (Mt.) looking towards the Spires
239 Eggs WAI-img239.jpg Cradle Plateau along the track after crossing the river on the section towards Marions Lookout
240 tas-man WAI-img240.jpg Frenchmans Cap (just below the top) looking north to the peaks of the Cradle Mt NP
241 stepbystep WAI-img241.jpg Rodway Range early on the ascent
242 north-north-west WAI-img242.jpg Du Cane Hut helipad looking to Cathedral Mountain
243 tastrax WAI-img243.jpg Melaleuca Lagoon track to the pontoon landing
244 Eggs WAI-img244.jpg Ralph Falls Lookout looking north
245 walkinTas WAI-img245.jpg Leven River upstream from the Leven Canyon
246 stepbystep WAI-img246.jpg Direction (Mt.) looking down into Ralphs Bay
247 Swifty WAI-img247.jpg Walled Mountain with the Acropolis behind and Lakes Ophion and Cyane below
248 Eggs WAI-img248.jpg Eliza Plateau Schnells Ridge in foreground, Eastern Arthurs in background
249 stubowling WAI-img249.jpg Little Hugel looking over Shadow and Forgotten Lakes
250 Kramster WAI-img250.jpg Surprise Bay campsite with Maatsuyker Island in the distance
251 tas-man WAI-img251.jpg Mts of Jupiter looking over lakes Eros and Merope
252 wobbly WAI-img252.jpg Forty Lakes Peak looking northwest over Snake and Explorer lakes to Mt Roland
253 Eggs WAI-img253.jpg Pegasus (Mt.) looking past Dorado Peak
254 Phil WAI-img254.jpg OLT (just past the turn off to Cradle) before Fury Gorge
255 norts WAI-img255.jpg George Howes Lake looking up to Clumner Bluff
256 Nick S WAI-img256.jpg Acropolis (below summit) looking towards the DuCane Gap & Falling Mountain
257 MJD WAI-img257.jpg Ida (Mt.) vista from summit
258 Robbo WAI-img258.jpg Lake Toorah (WOJ)
259 Eggs WAI-img259.jpg Hansons Peak looking Lake Hanson & Mt Campbell
260 stubowling WAI-img260.jpg Denison Range (north of Reeds Peak on the way to Bonds Craig) looking west
261 Eggs WAI-img261.jpg Flynn's Tarn Cradle Mountain
262 walkinTas WAI-img262.jpg Paddy's Lake Blackbluff
263 son of a beach WAI-img263.jpg Lake Lucy Long looking across to Ironstone
264 tastrax WAI-img264.jpg Lake Cygnus camping
265 stubowling WAI-img265.jpg Bobs (Mt.) looking west
266 Nick S WAI-img266.jpg Old Bills Monument (Ben Lomond Plateau)
267 Kramster WAI-img267.jpg Sphinx Rock (Mt Wellington) a short walk from The Springs
268 dee_legg WAI-img268.jpg Sentinel Range looking to Mt Wedge
269 Eggs WAI-img269.jpg Mt Wellington (summit) looking to the west
270 scrubmaster WAI-img270.jpg Citadel Range (near track to Citadel shelf) looking to Frankland Pk
271 tastrax WAI-img271.jpg Western Arthurs near High Moor
272 whynotwalk WAI-img272.jpg Luggaboine Track (Labillardiere Peninsula Bruny Island) looking to the Southern Ranges
273 Eggs WAI-img273.jpg Tarn Shelf looking out over a ridge that buts onto it to Mt Bridges
274 Kramster WAI-img274.jpg Liffey Falls river view near falls
275 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img275.jpg Mueller (Mt.) looking down at Fossil Lake
276 Amanda WAI-img276.jpg Lake Curly Sandy Beach
277 Eggs WAI-img277.jpg Murchison (Mt.) looking to Mt Ossa and Du Cane Range
278 Nick S WAI-img278.jpg Collins Cap looking to Collins Bonnet and Trestle Mt
279 Kramster WAI-img279.jpg Graham (Mt.) (summit) looking towards Cape Tourville]]
280 Nick S WAI-img280.jpg Victoria (Mt.)] looking over Mt Albert
281 stubowling WAI-img281.jpg Wright (Mt.) view of the Arch
282 Phil WAI-img282.jpg Cradle Mountain (summit)
283 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img283.jpg Chapman (Mt.) looking to Hewardia Ridge
284 Nick S WAI-img284.jpg East Pelion photo of Pelion West and Mt Murchison
285 Eggs WAI-img285.jpg Lake Mackenzie snow
286 Kramster WAI-img286.jpg Eliza (Mt.) looking up the track over Eliza Plateau
287 jwalker WAI-img287.jpg Doris (Mt.) (The saddle between Doris and the start of the ascent up Mt Ossa)
288 Eggs WAI-img288.jpg Lost World (Mt Wellington)
289 stubowling WAI-img289.jpg Barron Pass looking south-west to lakes Gertrude, Magdalen & Millicent
290 Kramster WAI-img290.jpg Fossil Cliffs (Maria Island) looking towards Bishop and Clerk
291 tastrax WAI-img291.jpg Sonder (Mt.) (NT) Macdonnell Ranges
292 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img292.jpg Precipitous Bluff view to Mt Rugby
293 Eggs WAI-img293.jpg Ossa (Mt.) going up the scree slope between the two towers
294 norts WAI-img294.jpg Pine Valley (near helipad) looking at Mt Gould & The Minotaur
295 stubowling WAI-img295.jpg Nevada Peak looking over Jubilee Range
296 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img296.jpg Hidden Bay SW coast
297 whynotwalk WAI-img297.jpg Stacks Bluff looking across to Wilmot Bluff
298 Phil WAI-img298.jpg Barn Bluff ascent looking west through Fury Gorge
299 Eggs WAI-img299.jpg Lyell (Mt.) (road down the side) looking to Mt Owen
300 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img300.jpg Jubbury Bridge looking up at Wetpant Peak
301 tastrax WAI-img301.jpg Amos (Mt.) The next generation of walkers.
302 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img302.jpg Hobhouse (Mt.) the pyramidal peak is called Slatters Peak on the King William Range
303 Eggs WAI-img303.jpg Macquarie Harbour ( Beach at the entrance to) looking across to Table Head (aka Macquarie Heads)
304 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img304.jpg Marian (Mt.) on the Wellington Range
305 Kramster WAI-img305.jpg Twilight Tarn hut
306 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img306.jpg Maxwell Ridge looking down on Pigsty Ponds
307 tastrax WAI-img307.jpg Eaglehawk Neck Blowhole
308 Nick S WAI-img308.jpg Solomons Throne over looking Lake Ball
309 tastrax WAI-img309.jpg Hanging Lake toilet
310 stepbystep WAI-img310.jpg Allonah (near) Satellite Island with Pindars and La Peruse in the distance
311 robl WAI-img311.jpg Bridport (standing on the Bridge) looking upstream
312 wobbly WAI-img312.jpg High Moor looking across to Pegasus South with Sirius directly behind
313 robl WAI-img313.jpg Lake Belcher looking up towards K-Col
314 Eggs WAI-img314.jpg Lake Ball looking eastish at the Ball Island
315 robl WAI-img315.jpg Encampment Cove camping area (Maria Island)
316 robl WAI-img316.jpg Hartz (Mt.) west of the saddle and off the track to the summit
317 Eggs WAI-img317.jpg Doris (Mt.) looking through Big Gun Pass
318 Amanda WAI-img318.jpg Wylly Plateau watching the sunset on Precipitous Bluff
319 stubowling WAI-img319.jpg Geeves Bluff looking down at Gorilla Ridge, Old River Valley & Spiro Range
320 robl WAI-img320.jpg Hazards Lagoon looking south to Mt Graham & Mt Freycinet
321 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img321.jpg Karamu (Mt.) above Wilson Bight
322 Eggs WAI-img322.jpg Dunalley Beach in Dunalley Bay
323 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img323.jpg Gordon River Rd looking across to the Thumbs
324 tastrax WAI-img324.jpg Balmoral Beach (in Bathurst Channel) looking up in to Joe Page Bay
325 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img325.jpg K-Col looking north towards Wylds Craig
326 Eggs WAI-img326.jpg Lake Dove track looking down onto Lake Lilla, Crater Peak in the distance
327 stubowling WAI-img327.jpg Sprent (Mt.) looking west over Dohertys Range & the Olga River Valley
328 Swifty WAI-img328.jpg Old Iron Blow lookout] looking up at Mt Lyell
329 Eggs WAI-img329.jpg Spion Kopje lookout above Queenstown
330 Johnw WAI-img330.jpg Styx River] Styx Big Trees Reserve
331 ILuvSWTas WAI-img331.jpg Naturalist Peak (approach) in the Mt Field NP
332 tasman WAI-img332.jpg Murgab Creek Track South West Cape Range
333 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img333.jpg Faulkner (Mt.)] looking over the Derwent
334 tasman WAI-img334.jpg Long Tarns, view to Fisher and Turrana Bluffs
335 robl WAI-img335.jpg Orion Lakes, view to Mt Olympus
336 Nick S WAI-img336.jpg Parmeener (Mt.) on the edge of the Western Tiers) looking east.
337 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img337.jpg The AWS (near hill 30 at Pt Lesueur Mt Maria) looking at Bishop And Clerk
338 Eggs WAI-img338.jpg Trial Harbour the walk along the coast north
339 dirkus49 WAI-img339.jpg Lake Mackenzie Dam wall looking over a frozen Lake Mackenzie
340 Eggs WAI-img340.jpg Echo Point looking across Lake St Clair to Mt Ida
341 son of a beach WAI-img341.jpg Mt Rufus track near Hugel
342 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img342.jpg Hartz Peak (saddle between Hartz & Mt Snowy) Picton and Anne in the distance
343 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img343.jpg Amos (Mt.) looking over wineglass bay
344 robl WAI-img344.jpg Surprise Lake in the southern part of the Denisons
345 tas-man WAI-img345.jpg William (Mt.) looking to Eddystone Point
346 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img346.jpg Sandbanks Tier west of the pumphouse on the Eastern side of the Great Lake
347 tas-man WAI-img347.jpg New Harbour Beach campsite
348 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img348.jpg Charles (Mt.) Wellington ranges
349 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img349.jpg Roland (Mt.) below the summit
350 Johnw WAI-img350.jpg Lake Youd (near Mayfield Flats) a little to the NW of Junction Lake and SW of Lake Meston
351 Eggs link=http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=2460#p28560}} Mt Sirius looking at Precipitous Bluff and Pindars Peak   352 ILUVSWTAS  The Sentinel Range looking up at the highest peak   353 geoskid  Marble Bay Brunny Island   354 ILUVSWTAS  Nicholas (Mt.) looking across to Huntsmans Cap   355 walkinTas  Pillinger (Mt.) looking at Deans Peak and Bishop Bluff   356 ILUVSWTAS  Needles summit looking east along the ridge   357 Phil  Lake Highway Lookout looking over the Liffey Forest Reserve   358 Eggs  Hartz Plateau (as the track rises up to the flats) looking at Devils backbone   359 ILUVSWTAS  Elisa (Mt.) looking over Deception Ridge to Mt Wedge   360 stepbystep  Lake Wilkes Cradle Mountain   361 ILUVSWTAS  La Perouse plateau looking across to the Hippo   362 robl  Twilight Tarn Mt Field   363 dee_legg  Little Hugel looking towards Mt Olympus & Mt Byron   364 stubowling  Taurus (Mt.) looking over Lake Jupiter & Mt Aldebaran   365 Phil  Rufus track heading to Mt Rufus   366 Eggs  Irenabyss track (on the back of the Lions Head) looking over Lake Nancy   367 ILUVSWTAS  Platform Peak with Mt Hull and Goat HIlls to the left,  then Dromedary a bit closer   368 Amanda  Carr Villa Huts early morning look at Markham Heights and Misery Bluff   369 stubowling  Thetis (Mt.) looking at Hyperion   370 norts  Louisa Bay with Ironbounds in the background   371 Eggs  The Chin looking over Lake Mary to Eldon Peak   372 walkinTas  Solomon's Jewels on the track into WOJ   373 Nick S  The Knuckle looking west past Storys Bluff to Stacks Bluff   374 walkinTas  Rufus (Mt.) looking past Gell to Frenchmans Cap   375 Nick S  Strezlecki Peaks (start of the track)   376 tastrax  Beatitie (Mt.) vista - February 1929   377 ILUVSWTAS  track? looking up at Table Mountain   378 norts  Parthenon (half way up) look across Walled Mountain   379 ILUVSWTAS  Trestle (Mt.) view of Collins Bonnet   380 Nick S  Pegasus (Mt.) (Western Arthur's) The 'hole' at the top   381 stubowling  Pelion West (from just below the south-west side) looking back at (right to left) High Dome (on the horizon),  Perrins Bluff, Achilles, Thetis, Ossa (in the distance),  Paddys Nut & Pelion East   382 robl  Osmiridium Beach Tylers Creek
383 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img383.jpg The Thumbs for somewhere near the Vale of Rasselas
384 stubowling WAI-img384.jpg Canopus looking at Centaurus Ridge, West Portal & the Crags of Andromeda
385 Eggs WAI-img385.jpg Abt Railway looking into the King River George
386 norts WAI-img386.jpg Forty Lakes Peak looking west
387 robl WAI-img387.jpg High Camp (Precipitous Bluff) looking to Pindars Pk
388 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img388.jpg Nevada Peak looking NE
389 stepbystep WAI-img389.jpg Red Tape Creek track on the way to Lake Judd
390 Eggs WAI-img390.jpg Murchison (Mt.) ledge approaching the summit
391 GerryDuke WAI-img391.jpg Wandle Falls Hellyer River
392 Swifty WAI-img392.jpg Curly (Mt.) from the side of the north ridge with the beach at Lake Curly obscured
393 Eggs WAI-img393.jpg Amos (Mt.) (on the way up)
394 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img394.jpg Wylds Crag looking down towards the Spires
395 Swifty WAI-img395.jpg Walled Mountain view from the summit
396 tasadam WAI-img396.jpg Ossa (Mt.) saddle between Ossa and Paddy's Nut
397 Eggs WAI-img397.jpg Acropolis (summit) looking over the ice capped columns
398 tasadam WAI-img398.jpg Acropolis taken from that plateau below its Southern end
399 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img399.jpg Marriots Lookout looking to Snowy North & Pluto Bluff
400 Amanda WAI-img400.jpg Innes High Rock (on the way up) looking to The Spires - Flame Peak on left
401 stubowling WAI-img401.jpg Chalice Lake where the pad arrives at the lake
402 Phil WAI-img402.jpg Barrow (Mt.) vista
403 stubowling WAI-img403.jpg Lake Malana looking up at Bonds Craig
404 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img404.jpg Blackwood (Mt.)
405 Eggs WAI-img405.jpg Zeehan (Mt.) vista
406 robl WAI-img406.jpg Rossarden A good view of Stacks Bluff on most days
407 tastrekker WAI-img407.jpg Hogg Creek Falls track (start of track) looking to Mt Roland]]
408 GerryDuke WAI-img408.jpg Couta Rocks Coast line between Couta Rocks and Sarah Anne Rocks looking north
409 norts WAI-img409.jpg McCoy Falls on the Mersey
410 Nick S WAI-img410.jpg Ossa (Mt.) sunrise over Pelion East from the climb up Ossa
411 Eggs WAI-img411.jpg Owen (Mt.) looking toward Eldon Peak (King River in the valley is now covered by Lake Burbury)
412 robl WAI-img412.jpg Kameruka Moraine photo of Precipitous Bluff
413 Eggs WAI-img413.jpg Hansons Peak looking to Pelion West
414 robl WAI-img414.jpg Tahune Hut view to High Dome
415 robl WAI-img415.jpg Victoria Cross (Mt.) (on the track to)
416 Eggs WAI-img416.jpg Sirius (Mt.) a panorama showing the Western Arthurs from one end to the other
417 stubowling WAI-img417.jpg Geryon (Mt.) (just under the southern subsidiary peak) view south to Acropolis
418 tomberli WAI-img418.jpg Buckles Bay (Macquarie Island) looking South along the east coast
419 robl WAI-img419.jpg French's Farm looking at Mt Maria
420 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img420.jpg Anne (Mt.) a sinkhole near the NE ridge
421 robl WAI-img421.jpg Tahune Hut (Frenchmans) a view of North Col
422 tasadam WAI-img422.jpg Pelion East unnamed Peak (almost on the summit of the unnamed peak to the north of Pelion East) looking to Mt Ossa
423 Eggs WAI-img423.jpg Rogoona (on a fantastic day) you can see the peaks of the OLT from Cradle to Rufus
424 bauera WAI-img424.jpg Beecroft looking south to Eldon Peak
425 Eggs WAI-img425.jpg Niche Lake (from the highest peak over Niche Lake heading to Lake Huntley) looking north to Mt Murchison
426 dirkus49 WAI-img426.jpg Two Mile Sand (aka Mt Cameron Beach) looking up to Mount Cameron West
427 tas-man WAI-img427.jpg Kempton (hill behind Kempton) panorama with Table Mountain in the distance
428 Maelgwn WAI-img428.jpg Cox's Bight (just before) on the South Coast track with Matsuyker Island in the distance
429 tas-man WAI-img429.jpg Highfield Entrance (Stanley) looking at the Nut
430 Eggs WAI-img430.jpg Orford Beach looking over at Maria Island
431 whynotwalk WAI-img431.jpg Lagoon Beach (just north) on the west side of Lime Bay State Reserve
432 stepbystep WAI-img432.jpg Lake Newdegate (doing the circuit past Twilight Tarn and back to L Dobson)
433 stubowling WAI-img433.jpg King William III looking south]]
434 robl WAI-img434.jpg Precipitous Bluff looking north down its spine
435 Eggs WAI-img435.jpg Remarkable Cave viewing platform coastal view
436 stubowling WAI-img436.jpg Gould (summit) looking at The Guardians
437 ollster WAI-img437.jpg Leonards Tarn (between Achilles & Thetis) looking to Pelion West
438 robl WAI-img438.jpg Du Cane Range looking past the edge of Massif over to Falling Mountain
439 Eggs WAI-img439.jpg Lake Myrtle (north shore) with Mount Rogoona towering over
440 Phil WAI-img440.jpg Little Hugel (heading up) Mt Hugel with the western ridge of Rufus on its left
441 bauera WAI-img441.jpg Lake Ball (WOJ)
442 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img442.jpg Horseshoe Inlet
443 robl WAI-img443.jpg Cockle Creek walk close to the whale sculpture on the Cockle Creek to Fishers Point walk (Leillateah in fog)
444 Eggs WAI-img444.jpg Strahan near the Hogarth Falls track start
445 stepbystep WAI-img445.jpg Tarn Shelf & the Rodways
446 whynotwalk WAI-img446.jpg Coal Bluff South Cape Bay
447 ollster WAI-img447.jpg Saint Patrick's Head looking North East
448 stepbystep WAI-img448.jpg Bird River Track to East Pillinger
449 whynotwalk WAI-img449.jpg|link= |[1]] Lake Myrtle in the shadow of Mt Rogoona
450 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img450.jpg Tim Shea looking NW to Mt. Field
451 stepbystep WAI-img451.jpg Hartz Pk looking across to The Boomerang and Mt. Bobs
452 robl WAI-img452.jpg Lake Augusta Central Plateau
453 whynotwalk WAI-img453.jpg Traveller Rest looking over Orion Lakes
454 robl WAI-img454.jpg Meander Fall frozen.
455 Johnw WAI-img455.jpg Donaldson (Mt.) (Tarkine) standing on the summit
456 whynotwalk WAI-img456.jpg Alum Cliffs near Mole Creek/Chudleigh
457 Johnw WAI-img457.jpg Lake Meston (north end)
458 robl WAI-img458.jpg Parthenon on the track approaching the saddle South of The Parthenon
459 norts WAI-img459.jpg Lake Riveaux turn off(Mt Picton track) looking up at Mt Picton
460 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img460.jpg Collins Bonnet (Wellington Ranges) from east west trail
461 bauera WAI-img461.jpg Rogoona looking over Lake Chalice to Mt. Ossa.
462 tasadam [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3210#p33818 SW Cape Range looking roughly east
463 bauera [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3210#p33822 Murchison (Mt.) on the way to the top looking back SE over the top of Lake Murchison
464 stubowling [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3240#p33946 Lake Elysia looking over to Acropolis
465 robl [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3240#p33956 La Perouse (Mt), view to Adamsons Peak and Moonlight Ridge
466 whynotwalk [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3240#p34016 Rodway Range just past Newdegate Pass, between the Watcher and K Col
467 stubowling [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3240#p34036 Perrins Bluff, (in the saddle below Achilles) looking to Perrins Bluff from the west
468 whynotwalk [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3240#p34055 Oakleigh (false summit) looking across to the true summit
469 stubowling [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3240#p34061 Frenchmans Cap (summit) looking west to Macquarie harbour and Lake Burbury
470 flyfisher [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3270#p34066 Tanina Bluff (or a knob 753m elevation about 1k NW) looking to Mt Anne.
471 stepbystep [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3270#p34082 Donaghy's Lookout facing northish
472 flyfisher [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3270#p34204 Christy's creek (on the Lake Fanny track) looking to Solomons Throne, King Davids Peak, The Temple & Mt Jerusalem
473 stepbystep [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3270#p34317 Wellington Falls (above falls) looking across to Montagu Thumbs
474 Eggs [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3300#p34367 Tyndall (Mt.) (summit) the remnants of the trig point on the left. Looking NNW late afternoon
475 whynotwalk [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3300#p34410 Massif (Mt.) (above Big Gun Pass) on Du Cane Range
476 Eggs [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3300#p34430 Rufus (Mt.) Goulds SL, Pyramid Mtn., Eldon Bluff & Macs Mtn in the background.
477 stubowling [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3330#p34479 Picone looking across to Mt Lot
478 ILUVSWTAS [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3330#p34484 Lloyd (Mt.) summit vista
479 stepbystep [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3330#p34531 Macquarie Harbour looking past Sarah Island towards Frenchmans Cap
480 tasadam [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3330#p34535 Melaleuca (on a plane coming into Melaleuca, looking at Cox Bight and New Harbour Range
481 ILUVSWTAS [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3330#p34548 Milligans Peak (near KWI) looking to Lodden Bluff
482 whynotwalk [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3360#p34814 Mueller (Mt.)
483 robl [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3360#p34877 Lake Elysia looking to Walled Mountain past Lake Tartarus
484 dee_legg [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3390#p34897 Eddystone Point (Bay of Fires) just south of Eddystone Point lighthouse, looking at North Abbotsbury beach
485 tomberli [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3390#p34905 Scott-Kilvert track behind Cradle Mount
486 robl [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3390#p34930 Reservoir Lakes (Moonlight Ridge Track)
487 ILUVSWTAS [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3390#p34944 Frederick (Mt.) looking towards the Snowy Ranges
488 tasadam [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3420#p35004 Spain Bay (Port Davey) looking across to Davey Head. Mt Hean (distant left) to Mt Berry (taller Pk on right)
489 ILUVSWTAS [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3420#p35008 Florentine Valley, looking up at Wylds Craig
490 tomberli [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3420#p35024 Eliza Plateau on the way to Mt. Anne looking back at Mount Eliza
491 tasadam [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3450#p35073 Hyperion (summit) looking NW with Achilles on the right, and the start of Perrins Bluff on the left
492 stubowling [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3450#p35100 Hamilton Ranges little unnamed lake on the eastern side of the Hamilton Range, West of Lake Gordon
493 Eggs [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3480#p35170 Spirit of Tasmania looking at the northern end of the Dial Range
494 whynotwalk [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3480#p35176 Wellington (Mt) looking to the Southern Ranges
495 ILUVSWTAS [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3480#p35207 Window Pane Bay top of the big dune, looking south
496 whynotwalk [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&p=35207#p35215 Seagers Lookout (Mt Field NP) looking over Lake Fenton
497 tasadam [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&start=3510#p35235 Hyperion photographed from Acropolis
498 Eggs [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&p=35235#p35248 Hesperus (Western Arthurs) White Monolith Range with Mt Maconochie on the right
499 ILUVSWTAS [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&p=35248#p35254 Wentworth Hills Looking east from the summit
500 tasadam [http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2307&p=35248#p35277 Lake Elysia (Labyrinth) looking at Mt Hyperion
501 stubowling WAI-img501.jpg Artichoke Valley Frenchmans Cap Track
502 whynotwalk WAI-img502.jpg OLT just south of Waterfall Valley, with Bluff Cirque in the background
503 Eggs WAI-img503.jpg Eliza(Mt.) half way up the ascent to the hut
504 stepbystep WAI-img504.jpg Packers Spur (nearly) from one of the ridges between said spur and The Thumbs proper
505 Eggs WAI-img505.jpg Twisted Lakes base of Little Horn on the right, with the southern parts of Cradle Mtn in the background
506 son of a beach WAI-img506.jpg Daisy Lakes Northern of the two Daisy Lakes, Mt Jerusalem in the background
507 tasadam WAI-img507.jpg Hyperion view of Pelion East
508 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img508.jpg Judd's Charm (Spanner Lake??) as you descend from near Mt Sarah-Jane
509 Eggs WAI-img509.jpg Rogoona skirting around the second ridge
510 whynotwalk WAI-img510.jpg Central Plateau near Forty Lakes Peak
511 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img511.jpg Ragged Jack looking up to the summit
512 tasadam WAI-img512.jpg Acropolis from a GPS perspective
513 stepbystep WAI-img513.jpg Thark Ridge looking down on Cathedral Rock
514 Phil WAI-img514.jpg Solomon's Throne (WOJ)
515 ollster WAI-img515.jpg St John (Mt.) (South of Fingal) summit vista]]
516 Johnw WAI-img516.jpg Peron Dunes
517 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img517.jpg King William I track looking at KWI, Miligans Peak & Mt Pitt
518 stubowling WAI-img518.jpg Lots Wife looking down on Lake Timk
519 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img519.jpg Moorina Bay (Bruny Inland) rocks on the beach
520 stepbystep WAI-img520.jpg Chapel Tree in the Styx Valley
521 tasadam WAI-img521.jpg Marion's look-out
522 Phil WAI-img522.jpg Van Dyke (Mt.) looking east towards Quamby Bluff
523 ILUVSWTAS WAI-img523.jpg Adamsons Peak looking east
524 stepbystep WAI-img524.jpg Coal Bluff South Cape Bay, just after going around Coal Bluff
525 robl WAI-img525.jpg La Perouse (Mt) looking down at Swallows Nest Lake
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