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Where Am I is a forum game at Bushwalk Australia.

The game is just for fun. Any forum member is able to contribute a guess, or make a comment about a photo, or participate in general discussion, or ask a question at any time. Generally, game players will resolve any differences in the game.


Playing the Game

The last winner becomes the next Photographer.

The Photographer posts a Photo to the game (Stitched Panorama or panoramic scene or bushwalking photo).

All forum members can play the game - The Players.

Players try to guess where the Photographer was standing when he/she took the Photo.

Players ask questions to narrow down the choices.

The Photographer must answer the question and can also volunteer extra information or clues if he/she chooses.

The person who guesses the correct location wins.

The winner must either:

a) promptly post a new image, or

b) give his/her turn to another person who can promptly post, or

c) post a forfeit, in which case any Player can post the next Photo

When the Photographer's turn ends, either because a winner has been found or by defaulting, the photographer should add the correct answer as a caption to the photo he/she posted (see 'Adding a Caption' this page) OR, by clearly posting the answer in the post that confirms the winner.

Example: Use either caption or answer (shaded red).

Example 3.jpg

Keeping the game moving

If you are the Photographer, try to answer questions as promptly as possible.

If no progress is made in 24 hours then the Photographer should volunteer some additional clues.

If you are the winner, try to post a new image as quickly as possible.

If the winner does not post within 24hrs, the turn is forfeited and anyone can post and the first person to post is the new Photographer.

If the winner forfeits without nominating (option c) then anyone can post and the first person to post is the new Photographer.

If more than one image is posted as a result of a forfeit, the first image posted is the new entry and other entries should be edited to remove the image, to avoid confusion.

Defaulting on a turn

Proxy: If a Photographer posts a picture and then is unable to monitor the game, he/she may select another Player to act as Proxy Photographer and PM the correct answer to that Player. (PM the site Moderators/Administrators if no one else is available).

Forfeit: A Photographer can of-course forfeit at any time by simply posting the correct answer and normal forfeit rules apply. This is a less preferable option. Proxy is a better choice if at all possible.

Adding a Caption

This is done by navigating to your post where the image is located, and clicking on EDIT as in this example.


Then fill in the file comment with the image location, as in this example.


Then click on Submit.

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