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Currently there are thee games on the Forum. The game are just for fun and are open to all forum members.

  1. "Where Am I" - is based on photos taken somewhere in Tasmania (with a "loose" bushwalking theme). Players ask questions and try to guess the correct spot where the photographer was standing when the photo was taken.

  2. "Where is it (Aussie)" - is based on photos taken in any of the 570 Australian National Parks. Players ask questions and try to guess where the photograph's subject is. The person who guess the correct location wins the next turn.

  3. "Yes / No" - in this game a short story or scenario is posted. Players try to guess the correct circumstance that lead to the scenario by asking questions. The person who posted the scenario answers each question with either YES or NO. The first person to correctly guess the circumstance wins a turn at posting a scenario.


The Game Page

Game pages are found on the Games & Competitions Board

Game Rules

The Game Rules can be found on this Wiki

Game Indexes

To see a summary of all game photos in a given year, visit the Index Pages on this Wiki. Index listings link back into the game.

Commenting on the Game

Members of the forum can discuss changes to the game or post comments/correction in GAMES topic on the Wiki Board.

Forum members can also post general comments in the game as they play.

Special Pages