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AKA Trackhead. The starting point of a walk (and often the finish as well).

Frequently identifiable by some level of infrastructure. This can be anything from a simple sign stating the name of the track, to an elaborate carpark with shelters, toilets and the like. Sometimes there is nothing at all to indicate the start of the track other than a pad leading off into the bush.

The signage for some walks may include sketch maps, estimated walking times/distances and safety advice.

Many walks, particularly the more remote ones and/or those subject to weather extremes, provide walker registration books to document your intentions. These are usually located at or near the start of the track. Do not rely on them as your only safety device, should you get into difficulty and need assistance, as they are not checked regularly. Always notify a responsible person of your plans and expected time of return, and take appropriate safety gear for the anticipated conditions.

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