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Suspension Bridge

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A bridge from which the walking platform is suspended from cables which are stretched across the expanse (usually a river) being crossed by the bridge.
Suspension Bridge over the Mersy River, Lees Paddocks Track

Although it is possible to build suspension bridges which are capable of spanning large distances and carrying several lanes of traffic (eg, the well known Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco), similar principals have been used in a scaled down version to construct smaller foot bridges in Tasmania, ranging to the iconic Alexandra Suspension Bridge and Duck Reach Suspension Bridge (both over the South Esk River at the Cataract Gorge) in Launceston, Tasmania, to the much smaller bridges found on several bushwalk tracks in Tasmania.

On popular bushwalking tracks, suspension bridges are often constructed where it is not safe to ford a river and where the expanse is too wide to build a small cheap single span solid bridge. A suspension bridge is still relatively cheap to build, and requires no supporting infrastructure on the ground between the two end points.

Suspension bridges on buswalking tracks are usually limited to a capacity of one person at any one time.

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