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South Col

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South Col, as the name may suggest is on the southern side of Frenchman's Cap. One may want to visit this for its unique views of the face or to continue to Clytemenstra.


The easiest and most reliable way to get off the cap is by heading almost directly west, slightly north until a rocky outcrop comes into view below. The spur between this and the cap can be reached directly via a minor cliff line or by contouring round easy ramps to the right. From here, a choice of routes is apparant to reach the col.

a) Sidle the cap. 25mins one way or so. Easy sidling above cliffs except for one often slippery ledge crossing with a potentially fatal fall. Many will find this quite manageable, scenic and direct.

b) Some groups will descend to the tarns below and follow a ridge to meet the knoll on the southern side of the col. This is considerably longer.

Some groups have also left the Frenchman's summit track where it sidles along before beginning the climb properly. It is about 300m from here to the col, but high competancy at rock scrambling is needed. This route is not recommended because of the chance of rock falls and loose ground.

An almost direct ascent to the col has also been made, supposedly cairned up until the last few years. If the correct route is found it is supposed to be manageable but from above the cliffs look almost impenetrable. Often a route looks feasible from above but lower down it is found to be barred by cliffs. Not recommended unless you enjoy trial and error.

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