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A course of travel between two points, either theoretical, intended, or actual. A route may or may not follow a Track, and if it does not, it may involve bush bashing or scrub bashing.

Routes are generally described by a series of map co-ordinates and/or landmarks and directions. However, it can also be described visually by marks on a map, or more casually, by simply pointing a finger on a map.

A theoretical route may be discussed as one of many alternatives when planning a walk, and may never actually be used, if an alternative route is favoured by the time the plans are finalised.

The term 'route' is usually used to describe a course taken during a bushwalk in which there was no track for either part or all of the way, although there is no reason why it could not be used if there is a track for the entire route. However, in most cases, if there is a named track, people will generally refer to the track by name, rather than describing a route.

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