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Riveaux, Mount

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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: 4622 Picton
Start (Lat/Long): unknown
Distance: 12km (approximately)
Time required: 6hrs return (including road walk)
Degree of difficulty: unknown
Elevation Gained: 845m
Track Type: no track, rough tagged route
Vehicle Required: two wheel drive


Directions: Arve Road from Geeveston, Picton road, Riveaux Road, park when you hit the locked gate.

Some skill is required. There is no track, just a tagged route. Slippery rainforest with plenty of fallen trees for most of it, very open though. Ridge is Baurea covered but quite short and manageable.

The track starts at an elevation (approxiametely) between 250m and 450m. Tops out at 845m.

From locked gate, walk along the road for about 3km, 30mins, to hit a second gate. 150m further on you will reach tags on the left on the far side of a small and quite nice rainforest gully. The route commences from here. Follow the tags carefully, despite most being pretty obvious (goes without saying).
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