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Pack Hauling

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Pack hauling is the action of moving a back pack from one place to another using some means other than carrying it on the back, as it was designed to be carried.

Pack hauling is usually done by attaching a rope to the back and either lowering the pack down or pulling it up using the rope. Passing a pack without a rope over/around/across a small distance could also be considered pack hauling, but in general the term refers to the use of a rope.

The most common need for pack hauling is when a section of track/route is too difficult or dangerous to negotiate with the pack still on the back, but it can be applied in other situations, such as crossing a deep river, where there would be a danger of losing the pack if it were not tied to a rope.

Pack hauling is easier if there is another person at the other end of the difficult section of track to manage the other end of the rope.

Before embarking on a walk that is unfamiliar walkers should endeavour to find out if pack hauling may be required. If it is required, or if there is any doubt, a rope should be carried in an accessible part of the pack, ready to be used for pack hauling.

The need for pack hauling varies considerably amongst different bushwalkers. Some walkers may find that pack hauling is unnecessary in the same spot where other walkers consider it to be essential.

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