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The Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc (MHPS) started in 1988. Contact details are available on the Club Website.


The Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc (MHPS) came into being in 1988. It was founded by concerned community citizens and users of the high country who felt there was a need to protect and preserve mountain huts, and to have a forum for debate, and input and representation on the control and management of iconic features on the plateau. The catalyst for the formation of the MHPS was the swift and secret removal, in 1988, of what was known as the Tiger Hut—a bushwalkers' hide-away near Lake Adelaide.

Initially, the majority of MHPS membership was drawn largely from the Mole Creek/Deloraine community where families, in some cases spanning several generations, had a connection with the mountains, and now felt their relationship with the high country was being threatened, and they sought to find a means to protect their heritage and preserve their birthright. They considered their forefathers had passed on a legacy which was worth fighting for.

Today the credibility and popularity of MHPS and all it stands for has grown to such an extent that membership extends well beyond the boundaries of the Meander Valley district, and incorporates all those with a sense of mountain identity and a shared respect for the time honoured traditions and stories which have gone before them. MHPS members take an active role in maintaining, preserving and restoring a variety of structures within the Tasmanian central plateau and adjoining areas, while at the same time promoting conservation of the natural environment and undertaking historical research of the cultural environment.

The Society currently enjoys a good working relationship and partnership agreement with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service and attracts members who are also involved with the Deloraine Walking Club, Tasmanian Mountain Cattlemen’s Association and North West Walking Club.


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