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Mount Housetop

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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: Loyetea 4042
Start (Lat/Long): S41 18.262 E145 53.719
Distance: Approx. 1.5km return.
Time required: 90 mins
Degree of difficulty: Medium
Elevation Gained: 170m
Track Type: Track markers only.
Vehicle Required: see below


Mount Housetop is a small mountain (of about 700m in height) on the North-West Coast of Tasmania. From the summit there are extensive views of the Dial Range, Loyetea Peak, Roland, Black Bluff, Mt Tor St. Valentines Peak and as far west as Mt. Pearse. There are also views to the N/W across extensive plains as far as the eye can see.

The walking track has been upgraded considerably(as of June 2013) with all logs and scrub removed and is also well taped, a vast improvement over it's original condition, so losing the track should almost be impossible now. The road in is Forestry Tasmania maintained, and is probably best suited to a 4WD vehicle, however with some patient driving in a 2WD in dry conditions it is possible to make it to the track start.

Access to the track is from Blythe Road at Upper Natone, and from there you will need to turn east onto Black Creek Road. The beginning of the track is marked with yellow and orange marker tape, however it is very easy to miss, it's recommended that you take a GPS and use the coordiantes for the track start listed above.

If you continue along the road past this track it becomes considerably worse and is really only suitable for a 4WD. However, the road eventually joins "Dispute Road" which can be followed to Loyetea Rd. as an alternative way out via Riana rather than back through Natone.

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