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Map: Dome


Follow the well defined track from the Pool of Memories to reach the plateau (see Geryon North entry for further info). On reaching the plateau contour round, following the creek bed and dip in the plateau to descend to Lake Helious. From here there is no well cairned route but the occaisional bit of pad can be found to avoid the scrub amongst the boulders. Ascend to the summit ridge to reach the left hand side of the summit 'cone' (when looking from the lake). The final climb to the summit is not well cairned except the occaisional one marks drop off points. Stick to the ridge line rather than trying to sidle the face. A chimney will soon be encountered, climbing up about 3m to a ledge where there is a choice of two climbs. On this next three metre pitch the left is easier, despite appearing to be barred by a cliff. Cross the rock bridge and the climbing is relatively basic from here.

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