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Finding a Page

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Create a New Page

The standard wiki technique for creating a new page is to edit an existing page, and include a link to the new (non-existent) page. Then view the pre-existing page just edited and click on the new link. An editor will then appear for the new page, and editing and saving the new page will create it (and it will already be linked to from the other pre-existing page).

The official documentation for creating new pages (and for adding links to wiki pages) can be found in the following MediaWiki pages:

  1. Starting a New Page
  2. Links

Wiki Markup

The official MediaWiki documentation for the markup syntax used in this wiki can be found in the following MediaWiki pages:

  1. Text Formatting Markup
  2. Detailed Documentation

Getting Started

New to wiki - try the getting started tutorial.
Need help with images - this Wikipedia tutorial should help.
Want to help - you might start one of these Wanted Pages.

Markup: quick reference

You type You get
==A Heading== Level 2 Heading
===A Heading=== Level 3 Heading
====A Heading==== Level 4 Heading
=====A Heading===== Level 5 Heading
''italic'' italic
'''bold''' bold
*List Item * unnumbered list (level 1)
**List Item .. * unnumbered list (level 2)
#List Item 1. numbered list (level 1)
##List Item .. 1. numbered list (level 2)
---- Horizontal line
[[Title of a Page]] Internal Link (to named page)
[[Title of a Page|Alternative text]] Internal Link (displaying alternative text).
[[#Heading Name]] Internal link (to heading on the page)
[[Title of Page#Heading]] Internal Link (to heading on another page
URL.domain External Link (to URL) - displays URL
[URL.domain] External Link (to URL) displays number eg. [1])
[URL.domain Alternative Text] External Link (to URL) - displays Alternative text.
~~~ Adds Signature (login name of author)
~~~~ Adds signature and time/date stamp.

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