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Heeneys Bluff

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Heeneys Bluff is located about 5 kilometers WSW of the town of Woodbridge. It was named after A local man who suicided by jumping off its cliff, and was found later by a local farmer, Mr Polly, with his quote of, "what a waste of new boots!".

In earlier history, local Aborigines used it as a staging point for hunting as it has a spring near by the summit(now a small dam) and a creek in the saddle (known locally as Woodbridge Hill Saddle) with good views both westerly down the valley of Gardners Bay and East over the Woodbridge - Channel to Bruny Island.

The bushland near by has been sustainably logged by multiple generations of one saw-milling family and consequently has many logging tracks in the area. The easiest access is via the ridge from Woodbridge Saddle on the C627 road. But it should be noted that much of this area is private land so courtesy should be observed wherever possible as there maybe livestock present. Some ice fog and occasionally snow may occur in the area but the road is only rarely closed through winter - usually only for a day or two.


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