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Geryon North

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Map: Du Cane


This peak is best climbed from a base camp at the Labyrinth (Lake Elysia the most popular) or lake Helious (often used on a Du Cane Traverse). Proceed along the well used track to the Pool of Memories after ascending from pine Valley past Lake Elysia and Labyrinth lookout. Once at the pool, look for a cairn a little further norht from the classic view point across the tarn to Geryon. There should be an obvious cairn and slight clearing marking the beginning of the track. This is well defined and climbs to the head of Cephissus Creek. From the end of this a well padded and cairned route proceeds in the obvious direction to hit the ridge top. The track basically follows this, crossing several knolls, until it hits a notch. Either climb into it and jump across at the highest spot (not recommended) or drop into it using pads (right hand side facing Geryon) with no exposure. Most agree this is the easiest out of Geryon South, North and Hyperion and should have very little exposure and be very straight forward if the correct route is chosen.

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