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Editing Endemic Species

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You are very welcome to add information about Australian Endemic Species to these categories. You can become a Wiki Editor and add your own pages, or you can use the Wiki discussion forum or PM messages to ask for a page to be created for you.

Suggestions for Editing

Review the list of endemic species to be sure a similar page does not already exist.

Before you create a new page please use the "Search Box" (above right) to first search for similar pages. Search for the Botanical Name of your plant, bird or animal, or search for the common name. If a similar page already exists you might consider updating the existing page. If no page exist, you will be invited to create a new page. You can also type the Botanical Name (required page name) in the "Create an Article" text box and click the submit button.

Please cut & paste the Plants Template usage code to the top of each new plant page. Using this template will ensure all Plant Pages have the same look and feel.

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