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Bell Mountain

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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: Cethana 4240
Start (Lat/Long): 146° 6'29.44"E 41°27'48.37"S
Distance: 0.8km
Time required: 45 minutes
Degree of difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gained: 150m
Track Type: Clear track
Vehicle Required: 2wd


Bell Mount is a small mountain just to the west of Lake Barrington on the North-West Coast of Tasmania. From the summit there are extensive 360 degree views of the area from the coast to the highlands.

The fairly well marked track start is located on Cradle Mountain Road about 2.9km north of Moina or 11.7km south of Wilmot. Parking space off the road is available for two or three cars.

The walking track starts just behind the parking area and is immediately a steep ascent to the south. The gradient does not ease until just before the summit when the track swings to the west and a trig point becomes visible. From this point it is a short scramble across rocky the summit to the trig point.

The return journey follows the same route but takes only around half the time.


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