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Achilles, Mount

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Brief Facts

Altitude: 1363 metres
Range/Area: Ossa-Pelion
25K Map: 4036 Achilles
Decimal Latitude: -41.8593
Decimal Longitude: 145.97771
Peak Bagging Score: n/a


Consists of 2 peaks - Achilles Heel and Perrin's Bluff named after George and Florence Perrin - Florence was reputedly the first white woman to climb many peaks http://www.utas.edu.au/library/companion_to_tasmanian_history/P/Perrin.htm Access is from the Overland Track Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park or Arm RIver Track from the summit of Mount Pelion West.

"With early starts it is possible to complete most or all of the Pelion Traverse as a long daytrip. From the spectacular summit pinnacle of Pelion West there is no difficult obstacle along the ridge that extends to Mt Achilles and walking is easy and fast. It is quite easy to descend off Pelion West from the far side and the descent is close to the summit. Achilles itself is easy to climb. Two sidetrips, untried by the author are possible - the first, the ascent of a nearby minor but very spectacular northern summit of Achilles, known as Achilles Heel - the second, a trip out to the summit of the mighty Perrins Bluff. This side peak looks very impressive when seen for the Labyrinth. Below it is a lake shelf that could offer nice camping. Just past Achilles, on the way to Thetis, lies Leonards Tarn which offers attractive, "bomb proof " campsites. Then it is a steep climb up through boulders to Mt Thetis." - David Noble (1)


-41.8593 145.97771

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1. A Peakbaggers Guide To Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania
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