walking with children in summer

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walking with children in summer

Postby evolve77 » Mon 13 Aug, 2018 8:38 am


Looking for a not so longish 3 dayish walk suitable for 8yo and 12 yo who are used to camping but not so much walking. Don't walk to break them with too long, too hard, but want them to be able to experience Tassie in the time we have. Unfortunately needs to be either before or after Christmas to link up with seeing family in country NSW for Christmas (we are from country WA so need to make the most of being over East). I realise the weather can be very variable, have visited many years ago and parents used to live there. Could also consider some extra special days walks.

Thanks in advance

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Re: walking with children in summer

Postby north-north-west » Mon 13 Aug, 2018 11:47 am

If they can cope with the climb, consider Shadow Lake from Cynthia Bay. It makes a good base camp and there are other tracks that link up with it. No facilities there, though.
Another option from Cynthia Bay would be to take the ferry to Narcissus (the 16km Lakeside Track might be too much for the kids) and walk into Pine Valley. Huts, dunnies, watertanks, nice forest on the way in, and two great side tracks from there. Both of those involve a fair bit of up, but they have plenty of spots to stop along the way.

There are also a lot of options on the Central Plateau, from either Lake MacKenzie (such as the Blue Peaks Track) or various spots at the base of the Tiers (Higgs Track up to Lady Lake Hut and its continuation to Westons Lake and beyond, for instance).
Or the Walls. Again, it's a bit of a slog up to Trappers, but beyond that the walking gets easier (a bit flatter) and the tent platforms at Wild Dog make a good base.

You could go in via Arm River to New Pelion for a night or two, do Oakleigh, and then a daywalk up Pillinger from the carpark. New Pelion is always a bit busy over summer, but there are tent platforms as well as the hut, and it's a fairly easy walk in. Or go in via Lees Paddocks Track, either just to the Paddocks and back or into Lake Ayr and Pelion, (although the Reedy Lake Track can be a bit tricky to follow sometimes).

East Coast has plenty of options at Freycinet (if you don't mind crowds) and Maria Island, as well as the Tasman Peninsula. If you have tents and all the gear, either the Coast Track between Waterfall Bay and Fortescue Bay (out and back or organise a car shuffle) or part of the (Two Out of) Three Capes (using the old Cape Pillar Track to go in, and camping means it's free except for the Parks Pass).
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Re: walking with children in summer

Postby clarence » Fri 17 Aug, 2018 9:12 pm

While most people would not think of it as a classic bushwalk (or even a "bushwalk") the trip from the Gardens (near Binlong Bay) to Ansons Bay (and back) is an easy and safe and fun walk for families of this age. Water is a little bit of an issue (you need to take an air mattress and paddle a few hundred metres to the back of a lagoon to get it), but other than that it is an excellent overnight option. Most of it is beach walking, with a few headlands with footpads around them.

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