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S2S Basecamp BT4 first impressions

PostPosted: Wed 10 Oct, 2018 9:14 am
by Moondog55
I have been looking for a sleeping bag for my beloved for a long while. I finally bought one of the largest and warmest camping type sleeping bags I could find.
As nobody in the Geelong area had one and no-one was prepared to order one in for us to look at I bought from Snowys as they had the best current price.
I paid $299- with delivery included in the cost, shipping was the next day and I ordered on Friday at ~1600 and it arrived in Geelong at ~1030 on Tuesday
Out of the box and bag I was impressed by the initial recovery to the fully lofted state. It is a very generous bag, seriously big in the Large version.
For a car camping/basecamp bag it is well thought out and has some nice features such as the sleeve on the bottom of the base to accept a mat up to the ThermaRest Basecamp and similar. Also loops to accept elastic cord and two elasticated / elasticised straps are included to hold it to a different mat if needed.
The sewing and stitching is some of the best I have seen out of China.
The base and the top separate completely and the top is just large enough to use a doona on its own.
The bag is EN rated to -15C Limit and -8C Female comfort so it should be warm enough for Cecile, although I don't know how long the Thermolite fill will retain this rating.
The base uses a single layer of the synthetic fill while the top uses a double layer of Thermolite and the differential cut seems to be generous. While I have no intention of sleeping naked in any bag I have to say that the liner fabric feels good against the skin and the bag is very easy to move around in. Did I mention that is is a big bag? It's huge; there being enough room inside this version for me to wear my full Everest down gear / the USMC Happy Suit or a full winter weight down bag as a liner. Did I mention that the bag is big?
The downside is naturally that it is heavy and won't pack down small. although the supplied compression sack works I will not be using it in its compression mode.
I think this will work fine for The Boss in Tassie next week and for the trip to Uluru next year.
I will update as the bag gets used.
I am not normally generous in my praise but this is a seriously good bag for the purpose. ... g-bag-bt4/