Something wrong now or very right 30 years ago

A place to chat about gear and the philosphy of ultralight. Ultralight bushwalking or backpacking focuses on carrying the lightest and simplest kit. There is still a good focus on safety and skill.
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Ultralight Bushwalking/backpacking is about more than just gear lists. Ultralight walkers carefully consider gear based on the environment they are entering, the weather forecast, their own skill, other people in the group. Gear and systems are tested and tweaked.
If you are new to this area then welcome - Please remember that although the same ultralight philosophy can be used in all environments that the specific gear and skill required will vary greatly. It is very dangerous to assume that you can just copy someone else's gear list, but you are encouraged to ask questions, learn and start reducing the pack weight and enjoying the freedom that comes.

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Base pack backpacking the mass of the backpack and the gear inside - not including consumables such as food, water and fuel
light backpacking base weight less than 9.1kg
ultralight backpacking base weight less than 4.5kg
super-ultralight backpacking base weight less than 2.3kg
extreme-ultralight backpacking base weight less than 1.4kg

Something wrong now or very right 30 years ago

Postby Moondog55 » Fri 05 Apr, 2019 7:25 am

So my old sleeping bag just came back from One Planet after a rejuvenation.
1150 grams and still conservatively rated at~ -4C for my older metab0lism, take away 5C for every decade after 30YO and I have always slept cold and always needed a bag 5C warmer than any of my mates
I just weighed my brand new versatile winter system with the same temperature rating and it is heavier by 105 grams and a down parka isn't included in that weight.
The difference being that the new winter system incorporates a synthetic layer to help cope with our soggy winters and partly because it's big to cover a LW bag without cramping the down
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Re: Something wrong now or very right 30 years ago

Postby ribuck » Fri 05 Apr, 2019 8:44 am

Moondog55 wrote:...take away 5C for every decade after 30YO...

Aah, that exactly explains why my minus 15C bag is just barely usable down to zero, even wearing thermals and down clothing.
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Re: Something wrong now or very right 30 years ago

Postby South_Aussie_Hiker » Fri 05 Apr, 2019 9:54 pm

I’m the opposite. I’ve been 60kg my whole adult life.

Last six months I’ve been doing a bit of gym work and eating more protein. I’ve put on 6kg muscle in six months, and suddenly I find winter much more bearable and summer much harder to get by.

I think body weight and metabolism have a big effect, my -7 Zpacks quilt used to barely manage to 0 degrees for me. I expect it’s much closer to rating now for me.
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Re: Something wrong now or very right 30 years ago

Postby Al M » Fri 05 Apr, 2019 10:53 pm

Here’s just about everything associated with human body temperatures to ponder until the cows come home and in a broader sense

Save to say we can’t simply account for those who are way off the normal scale and need huge warm sleep systems than normal. I’m just very glad that I have always been a warm sleeper surviving with 0 C rated bags in -10 C conditions with a standard liner and undies, saves heaps if Base weight and life is simpler.

Personally I think a lot has to do with one’s own metabolism and internal body volume to external skin surface ratio heat loss rates and possibly some people with dicky hypothalamus mechanisms that need medical attention :lol:

The longest down sleeping bag I had was a 1985, 1.5kg, 50/50 feather and down Fairydown NZ bag rated at -9 C, which was still good just last year and perhaps lost about 10-20% of its loft and warmth by 2018. Quite amazing testament these products can last 34 years plus. Used this bag over the last 35 years of on and off travel, backpacking, local car camping, several 23-30 day Nepal treks to EBC and Annapurna. Cost $209 in 1985 and sold in Gumtree last year for $120, not bad really.

Now have ultra light weight - 2 C and 0 C Western Mountaineering bags with poly or silk liners and recently Mike’s on this forum custom - 2 C down light weight quilt, all around 520-600g products.
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