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A place to chat about gear and the philosphy of ultralight. Ultralight bushwalking or backpacking focuses on carrying the lightest and simplest kit. There is still a good focus on safety and skill.
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Ultralight Bushwalking/backpacking is about more than just gear lists. Ultralight walkers carefully consider gear based on the environment they are entering, the weather forecast, their own skill, other people in the group. Gear and systems are tested and tweaked.
If you are new to this area then welcome - Please remember that although the same ultralight philosophy can be used in all environments that the specific gear and skill required will vary greatly. It is very dangerous to assume that you can just copy someone else's gear list, but you are encouraged to ask questions, learn and start reducing the pack weight and enjoying the freedom that comes.

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Base pack backpacking the mass of the backpack and the gear inside - not including consumables such as food, water and fuel
light backpacking base weight less than 9.1kg
ultralight backpacking base weight less than 4.5kg
super-ultralight backpacking base weight less than 2.3kg
extreme-ultralight backpacking base weight less than 1.4kg

Re: One Planet 2Midable with Dyneema - DCF

Postby Gippsmick » Mon 08 Apr, 2019 8:48 am

$1000!! Absolute madness. Why do Australian companies cost so much more for gear. Great to see OP trying different stuff but how can the manufacturer justify the cost when you have small cottage companies overseas charging around half that. I get that materials need to be be imported etc.... but even a middle man mark up doesn’t account for the cost here. I loved to see a break down on the price - materials, labour...
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Re: One Planet 2Midable with Dyneema - DCF

Postby Moondog55 » Mon 08 Apr, 2019 9:06 am

Not too sure about the price differential with the current exchange rate Gippsmick
A duplex imported has as similar cost when you include shipping and GST
The Ultramid is dearer
I keep forgetting that the Australian dollar is only worth seventy cents US when I look, it's only when I put stuff in my cart and calculate total cost including shipping and GST that it hits home
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Re: One Planet 2Midable with Dyneema - DCF

Postby Zapruda » Mon 08 Apr, 2019 1:22 pm

Neo wrote:Have heard a few complaints about the zipper design (being on a corner rather than a side) and know a couple of younger campers that have put small holes in theirs.

I haven't had any issue with my 4midable zipper or the material. Granted its only been used in the snow but I think it is plenty robust enough, more so than any other mid I have used.
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