[INFO] Why is my topic locked and moved here?

Once an item is sold, found or thread is no longer needed we move it here. These maybe helpful for historic reasons.

[INFO] Why is my topic locked and moved here?

Postby tasadam » Fri 28 Jun, 2013 11:36 am

A cleanup of the Market Square has been taking place.
When topics in the Market Square are completed, it is the user's requirement to mark the topics as completed, and to lock them.

However, there have been many older topics in the Market Square where the person who posted the topic has not responded to PM messaging about the topic, and has not visited the forum in a number of months .
Further discussion in THIS TOPIC.

As such, many older topics have been locked and moved here, in an effort to keep only active / current topics in the market square - making it easier for members to identify which items are still available (or wanted), and also giving members a greater chance of finding or selling the item they are advertising here.

Should you wish to have your older topic reactivated, you can either make a new topic, or PM me and I can edit your topic, unlock it, and move it back to the Market Square.
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