Balmoral Track, Jarrahdale WA

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Balmoral Track, Jarrahdale WA

Postby Redtail » Mon 20 Jun, 2016 9:19 pm

Having attempted the full Balmoral Track this past weekend, I'm wondering if anyone else has done it.

To be clear, I'm not referring to that section of the Munda Biddi bike track, but the actual walking track from Mundlimup to Sullivan Rock.

Armed with some decent maps, GPS planning and the local guide book, we managed to find most of it, albeit a little unloved and not at all maintained in some areas. It became very difficult to follow in the eastern section as we crossed Herold Rd, heading towards Sullivan Rock carpark. The track just disappears into the forest. Quite by accident, around there we found a solitary yellow marker, but sadly no others. We stayed on in the bush for a bit, but impending rain and darkness saw us head back to the road for the last 3.5km.

There appears to be a clear trail at the end by the Sullivan Rock carpark, right by a very large sign marking the track. I'm determined to go back one day and see if I can find the track heading back that way. Perhaps join it all up.

From the little I can find, it appears to have been marked back around 2000. It's still in the Jarrahdale Heritage Society guidebook, but I wouldn't recommend anyone use that as the sole descriptor.

If anyone's got an old map, or even a GPS plot, I'd be really interested to share.

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