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Re: RNP Ramble.

Postby Allchin09 » Sat 14 Dec, 2013 12:35 am

PolAir spotted the tents and campsites easily from the air, and then NPWS and Police went in on foot. The idea is that on total fireban days, the NPWS know where they are, and they can be notified that the park is unsafe to stay in and that it is best to leave for the day.
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Re: RNP Ramble.

Postby Pteropus » Sat 14 Dec, 2013 1:33 pm

GPSGuided wrote:I'd believe it in the depression (there were many), but 2013?

The shack communities originated in the depression, with the nasho's shacks being some of the last remaining shacks that sprung up along Australia's east coast. It is not so unusual to find people living under tarps in the bush though. I once found a tent up in the Palm Jungle, that was half covered by a fallen branch. I expected to find human remains, but it was empty except for an old sleeping bag and a few rusted tins of food, which were unaffected by the branch. I guess the occupant had not been home or was missed by the branch...
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