A nude bushwalk and yoga session on the banks of the Colo

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A nude bushwalk and yoga session on the banks of the Colo

Postby FatCanyoner » Fri 12 Apr, 2013 9:42 pm

With the sun baking down on our naked flesh, it was almost too hot, despite the dappled shade. So much for the ominous weather forecasts that has promised light showers and plenty of clouds.
The sky was almost completely blue, the air still, and the autumn sun unseasonably warm as our yoga session progressed.
We were sprawled, all eight of us, in a rough circle on the flat sandy bank of the Colo River.
May slowly worked her way through the session — with her soothing, relaxing voice balancing out my screaming muscles as they complained about being forced to stretch in ways they’d never tried before. It was only my second yoga session, and my body could feel it, but the surroundings made it perfect.

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We’d met up at a reasonable hour, combining from far and wide. Jeremy was over from Adelaide, May was briefly back from New Zealand, and Joshua had driven all the way from Orange. With that kind of sprawl some slight delays were inevitable, and so it was that late trains and roadworks pushed back our start time a little.
We piled into a couple cars and drove north from Windsor to Colo Heights. Our planned walk, down Bob Turners Track, is about seven kilometre return on a signposted track. Despite being such an easy, accessible track, I figured that being a Monday we’d have the place to ourselves...

Full trip report: http://fatcanyoners.org/2013/03/11/nude-yoga-walk/

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