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Lake Curly from Lake gordon

Thu 16 Nov, 2017 11:27 am

Hello, I am interested in paddling across Lake Gordon to access Lake Curly - which i would use as a base for climing a few peaks in the area. Does anyone have any advice on the route from the shore of Lake Gordon into Lake Curly?

Re: Lake Curly from Lake gordon

Thu 16 Nov, 2017 12:59 pm

Yes, I've done that a couple of times and it goes okay for experienced small parties. From the top left corner of Pokana Bay there are mostly clear lines you can follow diagonally up to the northern end of the Pleaides ridge; then advance to the beautiful unnamed major peak that forms a major 3-way junction between the Pleaides, Pokana Peak and Conical Mountain. From there you can either drop down from Pokana Peak and come up and over the eastern shoulder of Mt Curly to Lake Curly, or progress NW from that same junction towards Conical and beyond; that line is sensational.

These are not routes for beginners; there are patches of scrub here and there, and the terrain is fairly committing. Suitable for strong experienced small parties only.

Hope this helps.


Re: Lake Curly from Lake gordon

Thu 16 Nov, 2017 3:02 pm

It's also possible from the Holley Basin, but as Jmac states it's difficult, trackless and only suitable to small parties. The Pleiades Ridge is disgusting in hot weather(no water/buttongrass/little shade).

Re: Lake Curly from Lake gordon

Thu 23 Nov, 2017 9:33 pm

From Conical you can also head to Shining Mt and the Spires/ The Font. Sensational area and some great camping spots.

Agree you would want some experience, some challenging country but ways can be found through.

Lake Curly is a great spot as well.
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