Gould Plateau to Mt Hyperion side to Walled Mt

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Gould Plateau to Mt Hyperion side to Walled Mt

Postby rodb2013 » Thu 09 Nov, 2017 8:43 pm

I've been meaning to write a trip report since we went in March 2017 but keep putting it off as 7 days out is a lot of writing. So, will start and add as I can.

Day 1: Ferry to Narcissus. Last ferry as we had flown in from MEL and BNE. Plan was to get up onto Gould Plateau and have our first night up there. Bit of background, a few years ago after Mt Anne Circuit I asked on this forum for suggestions of other great places and someone suggested Du Cane Range. What a great suggestion that turned out to be. We had only a rough plan and 7 nights available to just enjoy being out there. Rough plan was start at the south end and head north and take side trips. We usually like to avoid the OLT and weren't keen on the long walk from Du Cane Gap back to Narcissus. GoogleEarth looked like we could cross country from Bert Nichols Hut to The Acropolis (ha ha ha, later standing on the ridge near Mt Geryon looking down we saw how ridiculous that idea was). So off the ferry mingling with the exiting OLT's and we head off to the Plateau. Easy walking across the flat lands. The track turns back to the north at the bottom of the rise. We lost the marked track a few times and had to keep back tracking to find it. You do no want to be bush bashing up to Gould Plateau off track. After a fair bit of searching in the dark woods we found the very well marked track will old red blazes cut into trees. Its there when you find it, so if you don't see the marks you are off track. It is steep but ok. Then the last section is very overgrown with thick sedge (? not sure if that is the right term) up to chest height and you have to push up hill with the sedge tight on each side. You can see the top of the plateau above and after a bit of effort you will break out. Short walk to a beautiful grassy area with a nice tarn. We dropped out packs here and scouted around to see if it was the best spot to camp. Late in the afternoon the sun was starting to set with Mt Olympus and its friends majestic, and of course Mt Gould rising above which was the destination for tomorrow. That first spot was the best camp spot and we set up camp then headed back up onto the ridge to enjoy the setting sun. Later we realised that due to the high mountains along the west of Du Cane Range this is one of the few spots that you can enjoy the sunset to the horizon. Must go. Day 2 to follow.
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Re: Gould Plateau to Mt Hyperion side to Walled Mt

Postby redrock » Sat 11 Nov, 2017 11:00 pm

Excellent stuff mate!

Looking forward to the next chapters. Please post some pics if you get a chance too.

We'll be around that way in the New Year and I can hardly wait!
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