Gammons and Arkaroola, 5-14 April 2019

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Gammons and Arkaroola, 5-14 April 2019

Postby mikethepike » Tue 12 Mar, 2019 11:01 am

This is a very dry time in the northern Flinders Ranges and this gives a great opportunity to learn more about the region. Hence the aim of this trip is to check several waterholes of normally great reliability but now suspected to now be dry for the first time since walking became popular in the area in the 1960s. These waterholes are Junction and Yackie in the Gammons, several waterholes and springs in a section of the Mt McKinley Creek as it courses around Hawker Hill Range and Arkaroola’s Tee Junction Waterhole which a recent flyover suggests may be dry. Incredible to think! All of the walks are of one or two day walks duration and we need to be completely self-sufficient for water for all of them. I am very familiar with the areas to be walked and this trip is part of a survey of waterholes and springs in the Northern Flinders that are of interest to bushwalkers.

I am leaving Adelaide by car on Fri 5 April and returning on Sunday 14 April. If interested, please get in touch and I will email the proposed daily walk plan. This will be a fantastic trip. The walking will require a good level of fitness.
Thanks for your interest! (I will be out of email contact for much of 16-30/3 but will get the chance to check emails on some days during that time.)
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Re: Gammons and Arkaroola, 5-14 April 2019

Postby awildland » Tue 30 Apr, 2019 1:44 pm

Wow, Mike, this does sound like a fantastic trip. Wish we'd seen this post earlier, although work commitments would still have meant we couldn't make it.

Would love to hear how it went and if the waterholes proved to be dry??? Is there any record of any of them having gone dry before? If they were/are dry - how do the animals cope? Do they move? To where? So many questions. Fascinating trip and a beautiful spot. We tried to walk in the Mt McKinley area years ago but got turned back by injuries. Consequently, the Gammons are still on our bucket list. Sounds like this winter may not be the season to go though.
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